UFC 129 Results: Main Card

Complete play by play and photos from UFC 129’s main card

Toronto — The preliminary card delivered a collection of highlight reel finishes and plenty for the Canadians in attendance to cheer about as five of the seven fighters from north of the border came away with wins. We’re still on the scene at the Rogers Centre to see if the trend continues on the main card, so keep refreshing this post for round by round coverage of the pay-per-view action.

Mark Bocek (9-3-0) vs. Ben Henderson (12-2-0)

Round 1: Yves Lavigne is the third man in the Octagon for the first fight of the main card. Henderson lands a right leg kick and Bocek drops a right down the pipe. Clinch against the fence, Henderson with the advantage. Bocek trying to get off the wall, but Henderson keeping him there. Exchange knees coming off the wall, and Henderson puts Bocek’s back on the cage again. Lavigne splits them up very quickly. Right from Bocek lands down the middle again. Moves into a clinch and gets reversed on the fence. Henderson with a short left elbow over the top that only glances. Back into space, halfway done the first frame. Henderson pawing with the jab, lands decent left. Superman punch, leg kick combo from Henderson . Bocek looking for the right and a way to bring it to the ground, but Henderson keeping his distance. Bocek gets a single, eating a bunch of punches in the process. Kicks out Henderson’s lone leg and moves to the ground with him, but Henderson squirms to the fence. Henderson with butterflies in, back on the fence. Bocet drags him away from the cage but has little time left to do anything offensive. Round ends with Bocek in Henderson’s closed guard. Heavy scores the round 10-9 for Henderson.

Round 2: Both still looking for their range to start the second stanza. Henderson lands a left down the middle, Bocek grabs for a takedown and pushes Henderson into the cage. Henderson defending well initially, but gets scooped up and put on his back. Up very quickly though, and controlling against the cage again. Inside knees close to the man bits, but very much legal. High knee from Henderson in the clinch. Lavigne splits them apart. Bocek tries to catch a kick and get a takedown. Henderson stuffs and returns the favor, putting Bocek on this back. Bocek eats a right as Henderson stacks his legs. Another pair of shots connect. Bocek back up. Henderson dominating the clinch, showing a clear strength edge. Front headlock for Bocek, looking for a choke, but nothing there yet. Has the D’arce applied, but Henderson defends well. Still looking for a choke. Drags Henderson to the ground, trying for the Anaconda choke. Rolls, but Henderson rolls with him and escapes. Comes up throwing, pushing Bocek backwards. Elbow to the top of the head splits Bocek’s dome. Big knee from Henderson just misses. Heavy scores the round 10-9 for Henderson, 20-18 heading into the final round. Bocek needs a finish.

Round 3: Bocek catches a kick and takes Henderson down. Working from Henderson’s guard. Henderson more active off his back at this point. Bocek postures up and lands an elbow. Crowd starts cheering on Bocek as Henderson gets off the ground and begins to drop heavy hands on him. Bocek twists up Henderson’s leg, bringing him to the ground. Climbs up on this back momentarily, but comes back down. Clinched again and Henderson puts Bocek on the fence. Two minutes left. Bocek tries for a takedown but can’t get it. Henderson once again has him on the fence, looking for a takedown of his own. Drags Bocek down and lands a couple shots. Bocek dives in for Henderson’s right leg. Henderson sprawls out and lands knees as the two stand. Henderson connects a couple times as they come away from the cage. Less than a minute. Bocek shoots again and gets the takedown. 30 seconds in what could be an even fight with the judges. Both guys throwing as the final horn sounds. Heavy scores the round 10-9 for Henderson, giving him a 30-27 victory. Have to see what the judges say.

Official Result: Ben Henderson defeats Mark Bocek by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Vladimir Matyushenko (25-5-0) vs. Jason Brilz (16-3-1)

Round 1: Vlad comes out throwing and floors Brilz. Follows him to the ground, lands two hammerfists and referee Dan Miragliotta jumps in to wave it off. Brilz is up right away and wondering why there was a stoppage, but he stiffened up. Good job by the referee here.

Official Result: Vladimir Matyushenko defeats Jason Brilz by Knockout (Punches) – Round 1 (0:20)

Randy Couture (19-10-0) vs. Lyoto Machida (16-2-0)

Round 1: Yves Lavigne with the referee duties in this one. Both fighters look very focused. Chant of “Randy” starts before the fight itself. No glove touch. Couture looking for angles. Machida stepping forward more than lately, but Couture is trying to back him down. Machida catches Couture with a good punch coming in. Big speed advantage for Machida here and its evident right away. Machida feinting and pawing to keep Couture outside. Couture looking for a way in, but hasn’t found one yet. Quick exchange, Couture looking for the collar tie, but Machida shakes it off. Halfway through the opening round. Machida in-and-out, landing a right hand. Couture still stalking, but hasn’t landed much of anything yet. Machida lands a left. Machida catches Couture with a knee to the body as he ducks in. Couture can’t get the clinch, but continues stalking as the break apart. One minute left. Couture misses the takedown, but lands his best punch of the round. Machida shrugs him off, and the punch as well. Heavy scores the round 10-9 for Machida.

Round 2: Second five is underway. More of the same; Couture stalking, Machida countering with punches and feints. Now Machida is the aggressor, coming at Couture. Shifts back to normal, Machida playing the counter game. I DON’T BELIEVE IT! Steven Seagal Teep Kick to the Face!

Official Result: Lyoto Machida defeats Randy Couture by Knockout (Teep Kick) – Round 2 (1:05)

Jose Aldo (18-1-0) vs. Mark Hominick (20-8-0)

John McCarthy is the third man in the cage for this featherweight title fight.

Round 1: Aldo has that scary quietness to him before the word “go” as always. Hominick pressing forward as promised. Aldo is scary fast, chopping with leg kicks. Hominick jabs to the body, Aldo counters to the head. Hominick still pressing forward. Two very quick, very technical and dangerous strikers. Aldo slips as Hominck tries to catch his foot. Leg kick for Aldo. Hominick eats it and comes forward. Aldo races out and lands another leg kick. Scoops Hominick up and puts him on his back, stacked up. Hominick looks for an armbar but its not there. Aldo moves him against the cage, postures up and tries to land. Forearm across the throat from Aldo, Hominick looking for space. Aldo keeps turning him on the ground, stands up out of his guard, then comes back down. Hominick doing well to tie up Aldo so far; hasn’t taken much damage. Forearm still pressed against the throat from Aldo. Closed guard for Hominick. One minute left. Big right from Aldo lands flush. Short elbow from Aldo. McCarthy stands them with 30 seconds to go. Aldo throws a leg kicks as Hominick presses forward. Aldo with another takedown in the final 15 seconds. Heavy scores the round 10-9 for Aldo.

Round 2: Round two starts. Hominick with some swelling on his face. Aldo with a leg kick 5 seconds in. Hominick continues to press forward. Landing some body shot on Aldo. They trade jabs. Both guys ducking out of the way of the other guy’s punches. Aldo lands a 1-2. Hominick bleeding now. Aldo goes for the single and Hominick shrugs it off. Knee from Hominick in the clinch. Bit of a boxing match in the center of the cage, neither guy landing. Aldo scores with a takedown, ends up in closed guard. Hominick defending well off his back; nothing has landed. Two minutes left. Aldo steps out, but can’t do much., back to guard. Hominick looking to get his legs up, but Aldo nullifies and lands a hammerfist. McCarthy stands them with a minute left. Aldo pressing forward with hooks. Hominick gets taken down again. This time Aldo lands in side control. Hominick crawls the lower half of his body up the cage. Aldo inactive on top as the round ends. Heavy scores the round 10-9 for Aldo, 20-18 Aldo through two frames.

Round 3: Both guys eager to get the third round started; McCarthy has to tell them to back up. Hominick pressing forward still, throwing hands, picking with the jab. Trading jabs, Aldo lands another leg kick. Four minutes left. Both fighters looking to throw in the center. Hominick misses, Aldo shoots, but the Canadian shrugs him off. Back to the center of the cage for more boxing. Three to go. Another chopping leg kick from Aldo. Hominick can’t land because Aldo’s head movement is ridiculous. Good right from Hominick. Halfway home. Hominick lands to the body, Aldo counters to the head. Aldo gets a very brief takedown. Hominick up and connects with a right hand. Aldo pressing forward, landing with the right. 90 seconds left. Aldo lands a big right that clearly hurts Hominick, following with a left that lands too, forcing Hominick to shoot. Aldo landing hammerfists on the ground, but Hominick in guard defending, bloodied up. Aldo landing more this time from Hominick’s guard. Ten seconds. Another decisive round for Aldo. Heavy scores the round 10-9 for the champion, giving him a 30-27 edge through three.

Round 4: Hominick looks like he’s recovered. Aldo blasts another leg kick, buckling Hominick a little. Big right hand from Aldo, followed by a knee that glances the man region. Aldo apologizes and we get a very brief, awkward moment. Aldo slips everything Hominick is throwing, then lands a couple shots of his own. Aldo tries for a knee/kick, but catches Hominick in the pills. Quick break and we’re back at it with 3:30 to go. Hominick trying with some kicks. Boxing in the center of the cage again, Aldo getting the better of it. Another big leg kick from Aldo. Halfway through Round 4. Aldo nails Hominick with a right down the pipe, sending the challenger falling backwards. Stacked against the fence, Hominick has a massive welt developing on his forehead. Aldo inside the closed guard of Hominick. The growth gets a big groan from the audience. That thing is a planet. 90 seconds left. Hominick defending well off his back. The growth is colossal; it could stop the fight. McCarthy calls time to bring in the doctor. Hominick looks okay aside from the giant welt protruding from his forehead. We’re still dancing. 45 seconds remain. Aldo attacking. Big right as Hominick straightens up. Another right down the pipe lands. Takedown for Aldo. Ends the round in the closed guard. That welt is ginormous. Heavy scores the round 10-9 for Aldo; 40-36 through four.

Round 5: Doctor checks the welt, Hominick’s vision, says we’re good to go. Fifth and final round. Hominick still bouncing, coming forward. Leg kick from Aldo. Big left hook from Aldo. He’s just too quick for Hominick. Big right uppercut. Hominick shoots in and scores a takedown. Hominick is bleeding bad from Aldo’s half guard. Big gash under his left eye. Postures up and lands a big left hand. The crowd is urging him on. Aldo defending with wrist control. Hominick postures up and lands again. Aldo pushing away with his feet. Hominick lands another left to the head of Aldo. Trying to pour it on here. The crowd is electric. Two minutes left, Hominick in Aldo’s guard, throwing to the head and body. Aldo covers his head, Hominick goes body. Another good left from Hominick. The crowd is on their feet. Hominick still firing from Aldo’s guard. One minute left. Aldo seemingly content on his back taking shots. Hominick obliges wiht two more solid shots. 30 seconds left and Hominick is still looking for the finish. Another good left. Hominick punches out to the final bell. Hominick does his customary push-ups and Aldo joins him. Heavy scores the round 10-9 for Hominick. Final tally 49-46 for Aldo.

Official Result: Jose Aldo defeats Mark Hominick by Unanimous Decision (50-43, 48-46, 49-46)*

* Judge Douglas Crosby scored the fight 48-45, not 50-43.

Georges St. Pierre (21-2-0) vs. Jake Shields (26-4-1)

Herb Dean earns the main event assignment.

Round 1: GSP lands a jab right out of the gate. Shields pawing with his. Leg kick from GSP. Awkward leg kick from Shields. GSP counters and Shields catches it, pressing forward for the takedown. Let’s the leg go, has GSP pressed into the cage. Knees from Shields, GSP reverses position on the fence and they break away. Shields with a 1-2 that misses. Jab lands for GSP, spinning back kick misses. Three minutes. Jab from GSP. Again. GSP misses with a right hand. Shields pressing forward. GSP keeps sticking the jab in his grill. Another awkward kick from Shields. GSP chants, and he responds with another jab. Two minutes. Shields still pawing, looking for distance. GSP tries a side kick. Catching Shields with a left hand. Superman punch glances. Shields catches another kick, but GSP pulls away from the takedown attempt. One minute. Shields switches to southpaw, and back to orthodox. GSP still with the jab. 30 seconds. Ali shuffle from GSP. Left down the pipe doesn’t connect. Big fastball swing with the right misses too, just before the round ends. Heavy scores the round 10-9 for GSP.

Round 2: Both fighters come out looking for distance with the jab again, circling, nothing landing over the first minute. Shields’ striking is just bad. Switch kick that doesn’t really connect for Shields. Leg kick from GSP. Big fastball attempt again from the champ. Shields presses forward, GSP connects with the fastball  overhand right, shaking Shields a little. GSP doing the stalking now. Still hunting with a Dan Henderson-like overhand right. Two minutes left and zero takedown attempts from Shields; weird. Body-head lefty combo from GSP. Shields pawing with his jab. 90 seconds. Good jab again from St. Pierre. Shields initiates a clinch, but GSP backs out easily. Another big right thrown by GSP. Shields catches the spinning back kick attempt. 45 seconds. Shields’ striking really need work. Leg kick from GSP. Ten seconds. Two-piece jab combo to close the round for GSP. Heavy scores the round 10-9 for St. Pierre; 20-18 GSP through two.

Round 3: Shields pressing forward, eating jabs for his actions. Tries to clinch, GSP backs out. Trying to find space int he center of the cage. One down, four to go. Another overhand right attempt misses. Shields catches another glancing overhand right. St. Pierre looks very confident, stuffing jabs in Shields’ face. Ugly kick attempt from Shields. Three minutes. Crowd is getting a little restless. Shields shoots but its sloppy and he’s nowhere close. Leg kick from GSP. Two minutes. Crowd working themselves up, trying to urge on GSP. Another miss with the overhand right. St. Pierre is too everything for Shields; quick, elusive, better at boxing, you name it. One minute. Another attempt with the right overhand misses. Spinning back kick doesn’t connect either. Kick to the body from Shields. GSP sticks a two-piece in his face. Pushes in for a stiff takedown. Body shots through the horn. Heavy scores the round 10-9 for GSP; 30-27 sweep through three.

Round 4: Shields throwing a little more offense out of the gate; it’s not pretty, but he’s trying. GSP wiht the takedown. Backs out to let Shields up. Jab from St. Pierre. Right hand from Shields glances. Four left. GSP still looking for the overhand right. And again. Shields tries to clinch to no avail. GSP with more jabs. Shields stalking, GSP counters with yet another jab. Hunting with the overhand right again. Three minutes. Jab to the body for GSP. Head kick catches Shields as he goes to shoot, drop shim momentarily. Shields grabs a leg, GSP slips out easily. Two minutes.  This is a clinic once again. Shields calls on GSP. St. Pierre sticks a jab in his face. Shields pressing forward behind his hands. GSP landing more, but Shields showing some moxie. One minute. GSP a little bloodied. Both guys looking to land with punches. Another overhand attempt. 30 seconds left. Kick from St. Pierre, Shields can’t catch it. Ten seconds. Pawing to the bell. Heavy scores it 10-9 for GSP; 40-36 for St. Pierre heading into the final frame.

Round 5: GSP’s nose looks broken. Bow to each other and shake hands int he center of the cage before the round begins. The crowd gets on their feet. Shields pressing, crowd chanting for GSP. St. Pierre punches his way out of a weak clinch attempt. Superman punch lands. Still hunting for the overhand right. Shields still stalking. Four minutes from closing. Left body, right overhand combo from GSP. Shields comes forward behind hands, GSP lands and sends him in reverse. Another overhand attempt. Three minutes. Shields landing hands, but no power. Overhand attmept misses, jab lands for GSP. St. Pierre dancing a little. Crowd is restless again. Superman punch misses. Two minutes. Pawing in the center of the cage. 90 seconds. This has been all GSP, but expect criticism to come. One minute left. Spinning back kick misses at the 50 second mark. Shields should be going all out, but he’s exhausted. 30 seconds. Crowd rises to their feet, cheering on their champion. Ten seconds. GSP tries for a takedown, misses, and they end in the clinch on the fence. Heavy scores the round 10-9 for GSP; final tally 50-45 for the welterweight champion.

Official Result: Georges St. Pierre defeats Jake Shields by Unanimous Decision (50-45, 48-47, 48-47)