TUF 13 Results & Review: Episode 9

Second set of quarterfinal fights produce semifinal pairings and much, much more

Previously on The Ultimate Fighter: Ryan slugged his way to victory. Zach and Tony impressed with first round finishes. Chuck rebounded from his loss with a dominant performance in the wild card fight. Then quarterfinal action kicked off with a surprise victory from Chris, and a slick submission from Ramsey.

Coming Up: the quarters conclude as Chuck gets a rematch with Zach, and Ryan takes on Tony. Plus, the semifinal picks, and one fighter crosses the line.

Who will become… The Ultimate Fighter?!

Team dos Santos hits the gym for a training session to start.

Zach talks about how confident he is heading into his second fight with Chuck, though he knows it’s a dangerous matchup. His game plan this time is to stay standing, since he feels Chuck probably expects a takedown.

Junior says he wants Zach to put Chuck down and play to his strength, jiu jitsu. He predicts a submission from his fighter.

Back at the house, Chuck explains that he plans on giving Charlie some of the money from his win bonus. He breaks down the situation Charlie is facing at home; he hasn’t seen his oldest son in over a year due to child support payment issues.

Charlie says the money would help, but he doesn’t want to take it from him. Chuck tells his friend that no matter what he wants to call it – a present, a loan, whatever – he’s taking the money.

Team Lesnar is in the gym, and Brock explains that they want to see “Cold Steel” fighting Zach this time around. They go over some technique against the cage, and Brock is hopeful that the new Chuck can go out and change the outcome from the first fight this time around.

Chuck says Brock is looking for “Cold Steel: again, then calls him “Unky Brock.”

It’s fight day for Zach and Chuck. After the ubiquitous “warming up in the locker room” scene, we’re off to the cage.

Chuck comes out first, smashing the door, fired up, and promising to stand in the center of the cage.

Zach is pretty mellow as he walks to the Octagon, and says that Chuck is like a bad penny that keeps showing up.

Chuck O’Neil vs. Zach Davis

Round 1: Both guys come out swinging, snapping the other’s head back with a stiff shot. They keep exchanging and Chuck starts getting the better of things, forcing Zach to shoot. Pressed against the cage, they exchange knees and continue to pummel for position. Zach tries for a takedown, but Chuck defends with a bunch of short shots. Still clinched on the cage, Zach looks for space with a knee, and the referee separates them. Chuck lands a solid leg kick, and Zach looks lethargic; everything is coming slower than normal. Chuck lands some solid hands and Junior keeps calling for Zach to take him down. Chuck blasts Zach with a straight right that clearly hurts him, and Zach pushes in for a takedown again, but can only manage to work into the clinch on the cage. Junior’s calling for the takedown, but Zach backs out, eats a couple more shots, and moves back into the clinch. Chuck is doing a good job stuffing the takedowns on the cage. With 30 seconds to go, they get into space again and Chuck starts landing. He pours it on through the horn. Heavy scores the round 10-9 for Chuck.

In their corners, Brock tells Chuck that Zach is tired (which he is) and that he’s taking the life out of him. Across the cage, Junior tells Zach that he lost the opening frame (which he did) and that he needs to bring the fight to the ground.

Round 2: Chuck knocks Zach’s feet out from under him with a leg kick, and works his way into Zach’s guard. He lands a couple decent shots, and backs out, letting Zach stand. Everything Zach throws is slow and single; there are no combos. Chuck presses in behind his hands, and Zach drops for a takedown again. Chuck defends well again, but Zach decided to pull guard. The only problem is the only gets halfway there, and Chuck breaks the hold and backs out again. Three minutes left and Chuck is clearly fresher than Zach. He sprawls well as Zach tries for another takedown. Pressed into the cage, Zach looks exhausted. They alternate turning each other on the cage, and we’re down to two minutes left in the round. They keep pummeling and changing on the fence, and the ref splits them again. Chuck comes out throwing and lands a good left hook, followed by a solid leg kick. He’s clearly the fresher of the two, landing a couple solid punches. Chuck hits Zach with a 1-2 with 30 seconds left. Zach tries for a final takedown and Chuck stuffs it easily. The round ends uneventfully. Heavy scores the round 10-9 for Chuck, giving him a 20-18 decision.

Dana says he was fired up for this fight because the first one was so close, but Chuck dominated this one. He explains that he favors guys who have to fight the most on the show because it gives them more time to get their timing and wind. He says Chuck may not be the best guy in the competition, but he’s the definitely the toughest.

Chuck O’Neill d. Zach Davis by unanimous decision (20-18, 20-18. 20-18)

Zach is clearly disappointed with the loss, throwing his best right hand of the day into the wall.

Back in the locker room, the doctor asks Chuck if he’s okay, which is met with the response, “I’m a little horny.”

Chuck is beaming the post-fight interview. “My breaths been taken away. I’m living my dream. This has been a dream of mine since 2005. I went from alternate to wild card and now semifinalist. This is just huge; I can’t say anything else. It’s just huge.”

In the Team dos Santos locker room, Zach is frustrated that he lost to someone he’s already beaten, and hopeful that he gets another chance to step into the Octagon.

Now it’s time for Tony’s portion of the Team Lesnar training session.

Brock is hopeful that his fighter looks as good in the Octagon as he has in training. He explains that he wants Tony to stay out of Ryan’s guard, and that he hopes Tony fights a little more controlled than he did against Justin. He’s looking for dominant, not fancy.

Tony says he’s bringing his best game to Ryan.

Back at the house, beers are being enjoyed and Chuck says how tough Zach is. Enter Mr. Davis sporting a pair of sunglasses, looking somber.

He explains that he had to go to the doctor to get his eye check out. When he takes off the sunglasses in the bathroom, he’s got a matching shiners under each eye. The doctor said he tore the retina in both his eyes.

Cope asks him the situation and it’s bad for Zach. He didn’t lose any vision, but the doctors told him that he has to retire. Chuck can’t believe it, and gives him a big hug.

Zach says how hard the news is now that he’s finally starting to break into a better situation, having fought in cheap bars and parking lots. Now when he’s on the verge of the UFC, he can’t go forward any more.

Team dos Santos hits the training center, and Junior tells Ryan that everyone has been asking to fight him. Apparently the Canadian is the weakest link in everyone’s eyes.

Junior thinks Ryan is going to submit him. Ryan says he’s going to ask Tony where he’d like the fight to take place, and that he’s better in the fight than he is in training. He views this as a chance to prove he belongs, and show Tony that he’s clearly not the weakest link left in this competition.

Ryan gets emotional talking about his daughter, that this is the way he has found to try an provide for her. Teary eyed, he says he missed her birthday and will probably miss more events in the future, and hopes she understands.

We get a little of Tony’s back story next. He grew up without a father, and got picked on a lot as a kid. Sports gave him an outlet to overcome those things.

The final quarterfinal warm-up/pep talk cut scene leads to both fighters walking out to the cage. Tony says he’s focused and ready, that he hasn’t drank or done any of the stuff he’d probably do back home during this competition.

Ryan says he’s got to put his daughter out of his mind for the next 10-15 minutes.

Tony Ferguson vs. Ryan McGillivray

Round 1: Ryan opens up the fight, pawing with the left. Tony stalks, looking for his range, and Ryan paws again. Tony lands a leg kick, and counters with a massive left uppercut as Ryan throws a looping left hook. Ryan is rocked, falls to the floor, and Tony pounces. He pounds out a quick finish.

Tony Ferguson defeats Ryan McGillivray by Knockout – Round 1

Dana says Tony has delivered a pair of quick finishes, and Brock thinks he’s the best fighter left in the competition.

Tony is excited, and mugs for the camera knowing that he’s won $5000 more.

Ryan is emotional in the Team dos Santos locker room, feeling like he let his daughter down. Junior tells him that she would be proud of what he’s accomplished and how far he’s come, and gets philosophical.

He tells his whole team to never give up. Believe in the experiences that they’ve had, and now they need to come together to support Ramsey.

Junior still believes the next Ultimate Fighter is coming from his team.

Semi-final Announcements: Dana says both coaches think Ramsey and Tony are the best, that he’s become a big Chuck fan, and you never know what to expect from Cope.

The fights are announced: Ramsey Nijem will face Chris Cope, leaving teammates Chuck and Tony to determine the other finalist.

Cope tells Ramsey he can’t take him seriously when they square off, and Ramsey tells him he better.

Back at the house, it’s time for some drinks and celebration. Everybody is getting along great, having a few shots, laughing, Ramsey’s stripping as per usual, admitting he’s probably embarrassing his mom.

Then it goes haywire.

Charlie pours some booze on Tony’s head, and he loses it. He tackles Charlie over one of the couches in the living room, putting his hand through the center of one of the coffee tables. Luckily, the glass is removable, so there is no damage.

They wrestle and no one is sure if they’re serious or not. Charlie is pretty chilled out about it, but Tony has that look in his eyes. Charlie puts his hands on the side of Tony’s face, and Tony goes off, taking it to a very personal level.

He keeps asking Charlie “where’s your kid at” and everyone is trying to keep them separated. Charlie is ready to throw down, Tony starts chucking stuff in the house, and everyone else is in between the two, trying to keep them from fighting.

Tony literally goes to cool off, jumping in the pool. Everyone is with Charlie on this one; you don’t talk about this stuff.

The two get back into it after it’s cooled down, and Tony goes right back to the same question. No one can really believe it.

Chuck says getting up for fighting Tony was going to be hard, but now he’s got all the ammunition he needs.