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Complete results for UFC 132: Cruz vs. Faber

LAS VEGAS – HeavyMMA.com is reporting live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena for tonight’s UFC 132 event. The card is headlined by the first-ever UFC bantamweight title bout between Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz.

Our event coverage will begin with the first preliminary card bout at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT. Join us for complete results for the entire card.

Jeff Hougland vs. Donny Walker

Round 1: Fighters touch gloves to start the first bout of the evening. Right hand scores for Hougland. He seems loose, as he lands a nice kick. Walker throws a superman punch, but it simply leads to a takedown for his opponent. Closed guard for Walker. Hougland postures up and tries to pass, but Walker forces him to guard. Elbows from the bottom. Walker is looking for a submission. Hougland looks to land elbows from the top. He pushes Walker to the cage and begins throwing big punches. He locks on a guillotine choke and it looks deep. Walker gets out after nearly 30 seconds and is on top. Hougland looking for a triangle from the bottom, but he can’t get it. Walker rolls his opponent over and is looking for a choke. Hougland rolls out of danger, but is still on bottom. Under one minute to go and Hougland reverses positions. Very nicely done by Hougland. Walker rolls for a kneebar, but he opts to throw elbows for the ermaining 20 seconds of the round. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Hougland.

Round 2: Head kick misses for Hougland to start the second round. Fighters throwing back and forth, but not landing anything significant. Body kick scores for Hougland, followed by a pair of leg kicks. Walker seems to be missing on just about every punch, though Hougland is doing much better. Spinning back fist lands for Hougland, and Walker presses forward, eating a leg kick. Hougland shoots in for a takedown, but it gets stuffed. Knee scores for Hougland, but Walker pushes on without hesitation. Hougland is landing the jab very nicely. Knee to the body also lands for him. Another leg kick lands for Hougland. Walker is pressing forward still, but he has yet to see the success he surely was hoping to find. He slips to the ground after eating a kick, and then the action stops for a shot below the belt to Walker. The action resumes, and both fighters throw jabs. Hougland lands a big left hook and goes for the guillotine choke yet again. Walker seems fine, but he is not earning any points in this position. 20 seconds remain and Hougland is cranking on the neck. Somehow, Walker survives the round. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Hougland.

Round 3: Walker comes out throwing early in the third, but does not have much behind his punches. Walker presses Hougland against the cage and lands a nice knee to the body. Hougland shoots, but the attempt gets stuffed. Walker in half guard, but Hougland rolls for an armbar. He has it locked on, but Walker picks him up and slams him. Now Hougland is close to getting a triangle. Very good ground skills being shown here. Shots to the body land for Walker, but the referee stands the two fighters up at the midpoint of the round. Walker lands a right, but immediately eats one. Nice left hook lands for Walker, who then stuffs the takedown. He’s looking for a choke here and he needs it to win this fight. Hougland reverses the positions and ends up on top of Walker. One minute to go, and Walker needs to pull off a stoppage. Elbows from the bottom, punches from the top. The third and final round comes to an end, and Walker tries to pump up the crowd. Unfortunately for him, he did not come close to winning that fight. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Walker.

Official Decision: Hougland def. Walker via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Anthony Njokuani vs. Andre Winner

Round 1: Both fighters come out looking to strike. Njokuani lands a nice shot, while Winner barely misses with a huge hook. Winner is clearly out to get a knockout here. The two trade shots to the body. Spinning back elbow is blocked by Winner. Knee lands for Njokuani, followed by an uppercut. The fighters clinch, but Winner pushes away and misses with a head kick. He then blocks one from Njokuani. Kicks landing left and right for Njokuani. Winner misses with another combination. Body shot scores for Njokuani, followed by a leg kick. Jab lands for him. Combination lands for Njokuani, and Winner is in big trouble. He pounds away at Winner. Big knees landing. This one is almost over. He keeps landing shot before slowing down a bit. Another knee. Short punches land for the WEC veteran. Right hand followed by a kick lands. Winner comes back to life finally, but gets taken down. He got blasted for a good 30 seconds, if not longer. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-8 for Njokuani.

Round 2: Winner comes out strong, but one must wonder how much the first round took out of him. Njokuani looks fresh as ever. Head kick barely lands for Njokuani. Winner clinches, but they separate almost immediately. Njokuani presses forward again, landing a left hook. Winner again is in deep trouble, but he reverses and presses his opponent against the cage. They separate, but clinch shortly after. Up against the cage again with Njokuani in control. They are separated, and Winner lands a left hook. He is not staying very active, while Njokuani seems to be timing his opponent perfectly. 90 seconds remaining in the round, and Winner blocks a head kick. Kick to the body scores for Njokuani. Spinning back elbow misses for him. 30 seconds remain, and neither fighter is doing much damage. Njokuani, however, is landing kicks at will. Another impressive round for Njokuani. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Njokuani.

Round 3: Fighters touch gloves to start the third round, and Njokuani immediately lands a leg kick. He blocks a head kick from Winner. Nice combination scores for Njokuani. Body shot lands for Winner. Both fighters seem fairly fresh, but neither have much behind their shots. Leg kick lands for Njokuani, followed by a glancing head kick. Njokuani digs another leg kick in before looking to clinch. Winner pushes away and seems to have figured out his opponent’s combos. Njokuani looks for a takedown, but it merely leads to the clinch. Winner reverses and presses his opponent against the cage. Left hook lands for Winner, but Njokuani lands a couple punches in return. 60 seconds left, and it is Njokuani’s fight to lose. Leg kick after leg kick land for him. Right hand also lands. Winner is throwing bombs, but not landing flush on anything. Another big miss from Winner, as the fight comes to an end. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Njokuani.

Official Decision: Njokuani def. Winner via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-26)

Aaron Simpson vs. Brad Tavares

Round 1: Leg kick lands for Tavares to kick off this contest, but Simpson drives for a takedown. They are clinched against the cage, and the veteran is digging knees into Tavares. He goes for a trip, but can’t seem to get his opponent to the floor. Simpson is struggling still for this takedown, but he just can’t seem to get it. They separate, and, as Joe Rogan states, Tavares looks a bit worn down. But he lands a nice right hand, nevertheless. Simpson explodes forward again, and the two are back against the cage with one minute to go. Tavares can’t seem to escape the clinch, and Simpson is doing just enough to not get separated. The two exchange at the end of the round. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Simpson.

Round 2: Tavares lands a nice shot that stuns Simpson early. Simpson moves to Tavares’ back and is looking to sink the hooks in. Tavares gets his opponent off his back, and now we’re back to the clinch yet again. The fans do not approve of this. Nothing really happening at all. Very slow-paced match. Tavares switches positions and is looking for a takedown. Knees land for Simpson, but Tavares is looking for a takedown. Simpson looks for the guillotine choke after being taken down. Tavares escapes, but nearly gets caught in another choke. Simpson is controlling Tavares here. 45 seconds to go, and they’re grinding again. The energy has left the arena. HeavyMMA.com scores the ruond 10-9 for Simpson.

Round 3: Simpson throws a nice combination before looking for a takedown. Once again, the fighters find themselves against the cage, but Tavares quickly pushes away. Righ hand lands for Tavares, and Simpson shoots. He nearly gets it, but Tavares defends again. Back to the clinch against the cage. The fans are not happy about this. Nothing happening against the cage. Simpson looks for the trip and he gets it. He takes Tavares’ back and they stand back up. Just under two minutes remaining. Tavares escapes from danger, but not from the clinch. He stuffs another takedown. The referee separates the two just as the fans began to boo loudly. Simpson uses an overhand right to disguise a takedown. He gets it and is in north-south position. Tavares escapes and throws for the final seconds. It wasn’t exciting, but it was an effective performance for Simpson. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Simpson.

Official Decision: Simpson def. Tavares via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Brian Bowles vs. Takeya Mizugaki

Round 1: Touch of gloves to start the fight. Kick lands for Mizugaki, but Bowles lands a nice left hand. Mizugaki lands a nice combination, but eats a body shot shortly after. Then he lands a leg kick. Mizuagki misses with an uppercut, while Bowles scores to the body again. Both men trying to figure his opponent out, but neither are having much success. Bowles eats a right hand, and Mizugaki’s corner loves it. Another combination lands for Mizugaki. Bowles looks a bit lost out there. He eats another shot, but dishes out a pair ofhis own. Mizugaki clinches against the cage. Bowles reverses and lands several nice knees to the body of his opponent. 20 seconds remaining when the two get separated. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Mizugaki.

Round 2: Mizugaki lands a kick, but Bowles is the one pressing forward early. He lands a few jabs and is staying much more active on the feet. Serious chess match going on right now, and Bowles is looking much better this round as he lands the jab. Right hand lands for Mizugaki. Left scores for Bowles. Leg kick scores for Mizugaki, but Bowles follows with yet another jab. Mizugaki looks for the kick again, but Bowles catches it and blasts his opponent with a right. The fight moves to the floor, and Bowles takes his opponent’s back. He is looking for the rear naked choke. One minute remaining. Mizugaki is trying to roll, but the body triangle is not letting that happen. Mizugaki survives, but does not win, the second round. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Bowles.

Round 3: Left hook lands for Mizugaki, but the two immediately clinch against the cage. Fighters trade knees, and Bowles is pressing his opponent. They separate, and Mizugakionce again presses forward. Bowles shoots and gets the takedown. The fighters scramble, and Bowles moves to the back once again. He is looking for a standing rear naked choke here. Midpoint of the round, and Bowles is looking for the choke. Good wrist control by Mizugaki, but Bowles is scoring points. Mizugaki is trying to shake him off, and the fans are booing loudly. He really needs to get out of this spot. The referee separates them, taking away Bowles’ dominant position. Mizugaki is pressing forward now, but not landing much. 20 seconds remain and Mizugaki misses witha kick. He lands a right with 10 seconds left, and Bowles evades for the remainder of the round. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Bowles.

Official Decision: Bowles def. Mizugaki via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Rafael dos Anjos vs. George Sotiropoulos

Round 1: Sotiropoulos looking to work the jab early. Both fighters miss with leg kicks. Good movement from dos Anjos to evade the strikes of his opopnent. He digs a leg kick into Sotiropoulos. Big right hand scores for dos Anjos and Sotiropoulos gets floored. The referee steps in immediately, stopping the fight. Incredible right hook and dos Anjos finds himself in the running for Knockout of the Night.

Official Decision: Dos Anjos def. Sotiropoulos via knockout at 0:59 of Round 1

Melvin Guillard vs. Shane Roller

Round 1: Guillard blasts a head kick early, but Roller blocks it. Guillard pressing forward again with punches and kicks, utilizing his incredible quickness. Leg kick lands him, followed by a straight right. Roller gets poked in the eye, and Guillard says, “Come on.” Rogan disapproves of the comment, as he should. Leg kick scres for Guillard and then a body kick. Roller is so much slower than his opponent, but he manages to land a nice right hand. He misses with a big left hook, but eats a pair of shots that drop him. He’s back up, but Guillard pounds a knee into his opponent’s head. Roller drops again and gets blasted with a few more shots before the stoppage. Incredible performance from Guillard, who continues to climb the ranks at a phenomenal pace.

Official Decision: Guillard def. Roller via knockout at 2:12 of Round 1

Carlos Condit vs. Dong Hyun Kim

Round 1: Fighters touch gloves, and Condit circles around. Not much action for the first thirty seconds, but Kim throws a head kick that gets blocked. Kim goes for the takedown and gets it, but Condit immediately reverses and moves to mount. Kim manages to escape, however, and they are back to the feet. Condit misses with a head kick. Neither fighter doing much here. Condit rushes forward with a flying knee that floors Kim. He moves in for the kill and gets the stoppage. Incredible explosion by Condit to stop the fight.

Official Decision: Condit def. Kim via technical knockout at2:58 of Round 1

Ryan Bader vs. Tito Ortiz

Round 1: Both fighters missing early, but Bader finally lands a shot. Left hand lands for Ortiz, and Bader misses with an uppercut. The former champion lands a leg kick, but not much else going on. Bader eats a big shot that floors him, and Ortiz jumps on him. He locks on a guillotine choke and forces the tap. Huge upset win for Ortiz. Big step back for Bader.

Official Decision: Ortiz def. Bader via submission at 1:56 of Round 1

Dennis Siver vs. Matt Wiman

Round 1: Fighters trading early, with Wiman landing a nice right hand. Siver comes back with a combination of his own and then stuffs a takedown. Head kick misses for Siver, but he lands a leg kick. Fighters exchange, but neither seem to have the advantage. Wiman takes down Siver, but Siver rolls out and stands back up. Wiman still working the takedown, but Siver continues to defend well. Siver blasting off with 30 seconds to go. He is landing, but Wiman has blocked most of them. They clinch and Wiman flips him over to take top position as the round ends. Close round, but HeavyMMA.com scores it 10-9 for Wiman.

Round 2: Siver misses with a front head kick, and Wiman shoots for a takedown. The German striker stuffs it, but Wiman is being very persistent. Wiman is still trying to get the takedown, but he is having no luck. He finally gets the fight down and is in Siver’s guard. Wiman landing nasty elbows from the top, and Siver is bloodied up. More elbows from Wiman. Siver is bleeding badly and not getting out of this position. Wiman scoring huge with one minute to go. Even more elbows, and Siver’s face is covered in blood. Wiman tries to pass, but Siver avoids the transition as the round ends. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9.

Round 3: Leg kick lands for Wiman, who misses with a big combination. He looks for the takedown again. Siver escapes after a brief struggle and is looking to strike. He then lands a nice spinning back kick. Wiman throws a superman punch, but comes up short. He looks for another takedown, but, once again, Siver stuffs it. Wiman comes back with a nice punch, followed shortly after with yet another takedown attempt. Siver stuffs it with two minutes remaining in the fight. He needs to make something happen here. Wiman then looks for a guillotine choke, but Siver escapes. The German lands a nice leg kick, and Wiman shoots. Siver locks on a choke, but the round comes to an end before he can make anything happen. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Siver.

Official Decision: Siver def. Wiman via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Chris Leben vs. Wanderlei Silva

Round 1: Silva comes out  with a huge flurry that seemed to stagger Leben a bit. But that didn’t stop Leben. He drops Silva with a big left, followed by several uppercuts that dropped Silva. A few more punches land and Jeff Rosenthal stops the contest. Huge win for Leben.

Official Decision: Leben def. Silva via knockout at 0:27 of Round 1

Dominick Cruz vs. Urijah Faber

Round 1: Cruz lands a nice right hand to start this championship bout and looks much quicker than Faber. The fighters clinch, and Faber takes the back. Cruz gets out of the position, but eats a punch. The champ blasts off a few kicks and a punch, looking much better in the striking game than Faber right now. Faber comes back with a nice punch that momentarily floors Cruz, but he seems fine. Both fighters close in on each other and exchange punches. Cruz lands a pair of leg kicks. Then he lands a big uppercut. Faber misses with a hook, and Cruz does the same. Another nice punch lands for Cruz. Faber clinches and presses Cruz against the cage. He lands a nice elbow. Cruz looks for the takedown late, but Faber reverses as the round ends. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Faber.

Round 2: Faber lands a nice right hand to start the second. Cruz looks to clinch, but Faber throws and forces the distance. Nice left hook lands for Cruz, who is looking for the uppercut. Cruz then lands a nice hook, but Faber scores a better one, looking much better on the feet. Both fighters trading, but not much happening. Cruz lands a right, but misses with the next one. Then he lands yet another. Head kick lands for him with just over 90 seconds to go. A bit of a stalemate here, then Faber lands a nice right hook that puts Cruz down again. The champ is back up and the pace slows again.  Takedown by Cruz with just over 30 seconds to go, and Faber lands elbows from the bottom. He is back up now, looking to finish strong. Head kick blocked by Faber and the round comes to an end. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Cruz.

Round 3: Leg kick scores for Faber, but nothing else happens during the first 30 seconds. They clinch briefly, but immediately break away. Neither fighter seems willing to commit. Left hand scores for Cruz. Missed head kick by the champion. He tries to close in, but Faber looks for the takedown. They scramble, and Cruz ends up on top. Faber, however, manages to get back up. Cruz lands a nice combo, finishing with a body shot. Faber misses with a hook. Neither fighter seems to be landing square, even though they are throwing quite a bit. 20 seconds left and Cruz looks for the takedown. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Cruz.

Round 4: Cruz lands a nice right hook in the first of the championship rounds and looks to be turning it up. One minute down, and nothing much happening. Just then, Cruz gets dropped by Faber, but recovers immediately. He lands a right, but still seems a bit dazed. Then an uppercut. Faber shoots for a takedown, but Cruz stuffs it and looks to strike again. Knee by the champion. Cruz works body shots, followed by a jab. The two scramble once again following a Cruz takedown attempt. They end up back on the feet, and Faber lands a nice left hook. Yet again, neither fighter seems to be able to take advantage. They are trading punches here and there, but neither scoring many points. Another close round. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Cruz.

Round 5: The fifth and final round starts with a flying knee from Cruz. He barely misses, but has turned up the intensity. He begins to throw bombs, but does not land anything significant. Cruz shoots in for a takedown and he has it. Faber stands back up, but Cruz is working towards the back position. The former featherweight champion spins out and is being pressed against the cage. Faber lands a nice knee and nearly sinks in a guillotine choke, but Cruz sneaks out. Another scramble ends with the two back on the feet. Cruz looks for the takedown and gets it, but, once again, Faber is back to the feet. Fighters trading here and there once again, but nothing significant happening. Head kick by Faber misses, and Cruz comes back with a takedown. Faber scrambles back up, but is being pressed against the cage. They separate with 20 seconds remaining. Cruz looks for a late takedown, but it gets stuffed. Tough fight to call. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Cruz.

Official Decision: Cruz def. Faber via unanimous decision (50-45, 49-46, 48-47)

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