The Ultimate Fighter 14: Episode 6 Recap & Review


Previously on The Ultimate Fighter:

Diego lost control after a heated exchange with future opponent Siler. At the announcement, the Akira and Neace rivalry reached its boiling point, but inside the Octagon, Akira claimed the controversial victory.

Now, get ready for two fights in one show. First up, Siler takes on Diego, then stay tuned for another battle in the bantamweight division. Who will become… The Ultimate Fighter.

Hit the music!

Tonight’s episode started with a recap of last week’s controversial bout with Akira and Neace, including Akira’s post-fight celebration and the mild altercation in the cage between Michael Bisping and “Mayhem” Miller.

Ryan Parson voices his displeasure with Bisping’s antics, telling him he understands why he’s the most hated fighter in the UFC. They go back and forth in the foyer of the training center, Bisping not understanding why Parson is after him, being a general douche.

In the Team Mayhem locker room, Neace says he’s positive Akira tapped, and Mayhem reminds him that he has to let the ref stop the fight.

Training Session: Team Mayhem

The focus is on “Super” Steve Siler, the last overall pick. Mayhem says he doesn’t know why he wants to fight Diego Brandao, thinking it’s maybe a respect thing.

Siler thinks he’s the only guy on the show who can beat Diego, and Mayhem thinks Siler’s cardio will be the difference in the fight.

Training Session: Team Bisping

Diego is going hard in the cage during training as Bisping talks about his explosive hands. He’s worried that Diego might get too overconfident, and that he could get tired, citing his only average cardio. They’re hoping for a quick knockout.


Mayhem’s dog Gator makes an appearance, and both guys are on weight.

Dana talks about how Siler beat Micah Miller to get into the house, and that Diego is “nasty,” and that this is where we’ll find out what Siler is made of, for sure.

Fighter Stories

Siler misses his girlfriend, Mary, tearing up as he talks about her. Diego explains how he used to run the streets, selling drugs, carrying guns back in Brazil. Before his father died, he told Diego to take care of his family, and that’s why he’s fighting.

Before the fight, Diego is in the cage hitting mitts and going kind of hard, while Siler is relaxing in the training room. Bisping thinks Diego should be taking it easy, but we’ll see what happens.

Steve Siler vs. Diego Brandao

Round 1: Diego starts with a wild flying knee that makes Bisping holler at him. Siler presses forward to start, but doesn’t land. Diego throws a big overhand right that makes Siler backpedal into the cage. Diego comes in, connects with a left hook, and drops him in under 40 seconds.

Official Result: Diego Brando by knockout

Mayhem tells Siler he just got caught. Bisping tells Mayhem to pay attention to the situation, that it’s going to be repeated real soon, meaning their fight. Mayhem calls him a douche bag, and they keep yipping back and forth a little.

Diego is happy to make his dad proud and be able to take care of his mother.

Bisping chase Team Mayhem back to their training room wondering why they have the long faces after the loss. Mayhem says Bisping was on the receiving end of the most famous knockout in UFC history (UFC 100 vs. Dan Henderson), so he doesn’t know why he’s acting like a dick after the fight, then suggests it may have something to do with the size of his penis.