Could Rampage Jackson Be Next for Stephan Bonnar?

ufc 139 Stephan Bonnar vs.  Kyle Kingsbury=100

Former Ultimate Fighter finalist wants big fight

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Even before his fight with Kyle Kingsbury at UFC 139 on Saturday, Stephan Bonnar’s mind was drifting off to one of the biggest names on the light heavyweight list.

Though Bonnar was concentrating on just getting a win against Kingsbury, it was Quinton “Rampage” Jackson he was hoping he might get next with a victory. And though Bonnar’s sweat after dominating Kingsbury had barely dried, his boss was thinking about a Rampage-Bonnar fight, too.

“That’s my dream fight,” Bonnar told HeavyMMA on Thursday in San Jose. “He’s good, he’s a big puncher, he’s tough. But he does have holes in his game. He’s really famous. ‘The A-Team’ movie, talk shows – everyone knows who he is.

Fighting him, it’s going to be a huge fight. Forrest (Griffin) got a close win over him, (Keith) Jardine fought a good fight with him. I feel like I could fight him good.”

Asked about the potential for matching up Jackson and Bonnar, White on Saturday told HeavyMMA that Bonnar wasn’t the only one asking for that fight.

“That’s funny, because Rampage texted me tonight and said he’d like to fight him, too,” White said.

Bonnar won his third straight with a rout of Kingsbury to open the pay-per-view at UFC 139, including a 30-25 on one judge’s card with a pair of 10-8 rounds. Bonnar didn’t take any major damage in the fight and said a the post-fight press conference he was given just a one-week medical suspension by the California State Athletic Commission.

Jackson last fought in September when he challenged for Jon Jones’ light heavyweight title, dropping a fourth-round submission. The former Pride star has lobbied to be on the card when the UFC returns to Japan on Feb. 26. The timetable for Bonnar to fight Jackson on that card would be about three months.

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