UFC Fighter Nick Ring Breaks Up Mugging In Calgary

Nick Ring (Josh Hedges/UFC)

Nick Ring breaks up mugging in Calgary

UFC middleweight Nick Ring is making waves outside of the Octagon after aiding victims in a mugging in Calgary on June 6.

Ring told MMAjunkie.com the story earlier this week.

“I was leaving Starbucks last night in Calgary, and I see a big group of — I don’t know what you want to call them — wannabe gangster guys beating up a couple,” Ring informed MMAjunkie.com. “It was a boyfriend-girlfriend. They were beating them up and robbing them, basically. It was 10 against two. It didn’t look right. I pulled the car over and everything to see one of them kneeing a girl in the face.”

After witnessing the crime, Ring shouted towards the assailants, causing them to run away after stealing the backpack of one of the victims. He then checked on the victims, discovering that their injuries included facial lacerations, and noted that there was “blood everywhere.” Another individual had also arrived on the scene to provide help.

“(The stranger and I) looked at each other and we said to each other, ‘Let’s go get them,'” Ring continued. “We ran after them. We tackled one of them, and we called the police. The police came, and I got into another little foot chase with them as I was on the phone with the police.”

The authorities arrived at the scene and, thanks to the efforts of Ring and the others involved, seven of the ten assailants were caught. Ring stayed around to identify the attackers, stating that one, in particular, really wanted to fight.

Ring states that one of the attackers had challenged him to a one-on-one fight when he stepped in to help the couple. That attacker then, during the identification process, shouted an expletive at Ring and, once again, challenged him to a fight.

Ring responded simply, “Any time you little bitch.”

The victims of the altercation, meanwhile, are not facing any life-threatening injuries, according to the Calgary Sun. Ring says he plans to check on them in the near future and says he will help police if they need any more information from him.

Ring’s honorable actions come during the middleweight fighter’s camp for his upcoming bout at UFC 149 against Court McGee, a bout which he will certainly enter with at least a few more fans after his recent heroics.