UFC Announces Written Policy Against Performance Enhancing Drugs

UFC President Dana White

Dana White

UFC reveals written policy against PED’s, other substances

At the  fourth annual UFC Fighter Summit, held earlier this week, officials implemented a formal written policy against banned substances, including performance enhancing drugs.

With the increase in failed drug tests in the UFC this past year, officials have stepped up efforts to educate fighters about these substances, and to solidify the bans against them. The law firm responsible for the National Football League’s rules against performance enhancing drugs has drafted the guidelines for the UFC’s new policy.

UFC Executive Vice-President and General Counsel, Lawrence Epstein, expressed the need to keep PED’s out of  MMA, both for the integrity of the sport and the safety of the fighters:

“It is important to continue educating our athletes on the dangers of PED’s and other banned substances,” said Epstein. “Additionally, no new UFC or Strikeforce promotional agreement will become effective before the athlete has provided a clean PED test result.

“PED and banned substance usage harms the integrity of sport, potentially compromises the safety of our athletes, raises concerns for both short and long-term health issues and sends an improper message to our fanbase. We will continue to be at the forefront of this issue. And we will continue to work with Athletic Commissions and other bodies to ensure – to the fullest extent possible – that testing procedure keep pace with scientific advancements regarding the identification and detection of prohibited substances.”

The fighters were also lectured by Dr. Jeff Davidson, the Summit’s medical consultant.  Davidson’s lecture included a discussion on the short and long-term effects of PED’s, as well as a discussion on Testosterone Replacement Therapy.  Accompanying the medical discussion,  the executive Director of the Nevada Athletic Commission, Keith Kizer,  delineated the rules and regulations attached to PED’s and TRT.

Though not as effective as the random drug testing that has been suggested many times to UFC president Dana White, the written policy clearly states what will and will not be tolerated, giving UFC fighters clear-cut guidelines to avoid future controversy.

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