Video: UFC 148 Press Conference Highlighted By Staredown

Silva, Sonnen staredown video from UFC 148 press conference

Anderson Silva wasn’t very talkative at the UFC 148 pre-fight press conference at the Palazzo in Las Vegas, Nevada today.

He didn’t threaten to knock Chael Sonnen‘s teeth loose, put him on a stretcher, or beat him like he believes Sonnen’s parents should have.

No, Silva was the calm, calculated champion we are all used to.

The media fired questions at both fighters in anticipation of the July 7 contest, and Sonnen began with a catchy rhyme, likening himself to light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and stating that he doesn’t promote fighters, but instead picks them.

On form as usual, Sonnen entertained those in attendance, firing blows at both Silva and his manager Ed Soares, saying that the latter’s translation duties could be replaced with an iPhone application for $9.99.

He went on to explain further that his offer to retire if he were to lose to Silva a second time was void, as Silva did not accept it.

Apart from his rhyme, Sonnen’s greatest line came towards the tail end, when he explained his confusion during the first fight at UFC 117, allegedly costing him the contest.

“I thought if you tapped it ended the round,” Sonnen said, pleading ignorance. “I did not know the contest as a whole would come to a conclusion.”

Meanwhile, Silva was not the incredibly entertaining version of himself that graced the UFC 148 media call a week ago.

Most of his answers were short, if not terse, and he seemed to repeat himself on several occasions.

“Playtime is over,” Silva said, a statement he made on the media call, as well. “He can say whatever he wants. I said it last week and I’ll say it again. It’s over.”

Shortly after, he continued, “I have no words to really explain it, other than the game is over. You guys will see what I’m talking about. I don’t have anything to say, other than he’s screwed.”

The middleweight champ went on to predict a first round stoppage victory, along with bringing up Sonnen’s failed drug test and legal issues. Again, it was similar to the statements made on the media call.

“Chael tested positive for steroids, he offended a nation, he’s been charged with a crime. How can you take anything this guy says for real? I mean, this guy is ridiculous.”

Sonnen had a prediction of his own, stating, “All I can say is Chael of today can beat up Chael two years ago. And Chael of two years ago stomped this bum.”

While the press conference consisted mostly of the same comments both fighters have been making either just recently or for the past two years, the staredown to cap it off was one of the most intense to date.

Silva and Sonnen stood opposite one another, but it took no time for Silva to press forward, pushing his chest and head against Sonnen’s.

UFC president Dana White did his best to separate them, using only his arms at first, but then finding himself forced to literally step between both men.

Still, Silva managed to get close enough to Sonnen to make a statement. Though it was unclear what exactly he did, Silva appeared to either kiss the cheek of his upcoming opponent, or whisper something in his ear.

Either way, the staredown was certainly the highlight of the press conference, topping anything either fighter said and further promoting the UFC’s biggest fight of 2012.

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