UFC, Boxing Stars Predict Couture/Toney Winner


“James Toney was a fantastic boxer, and one of the best to ever do it, but he’s a novice mixed martial artist. That’s the key in this fight and the reason why Randy Couture will dominate him. Toney probably still has one danger shot which can switch Randy’s lights out, but the likelihood is he won’t be in any position to land it at any stage in the fight. As soon as Randy gets a hold of him, the fight’s pretty much over. Randy won’t be foolish enough to stand and box with a guy like Toney, so he’ll be looking for his comfort zone from the off. Randy is the worst kind of opponent for Toney, because he’s a veteran guy, very experienced and knows how to execute game plans.” Prediction: Couture


“I’m a wrestler, man. Couture is going to double leg him, take him down and beat him until he taps to strikes. It’ll be Couture by first-round ground-and-pound. I’d like to see Randy drag it out for three rounds but I don’t think Toney has the heart for that.” Prediction: Couture by TKO


“James has a very good sense of timing, so there’s a chance he will land the one shot he needs and score a win right away. But, having been ringside at Randy’s fight with the much bigger Brock Lesnar, I think it is almost certain Couture will be able to maul Toney to the fence, take him down, and finish him there.” Prediction: Toney within a minute or Couture


“It’s Randy Couture all the way for me, as I’m a massive fan of Randy and the way he goes about his work. He’s been an inspiration to me for many years, and I can’t see how James Toney walks into mixed martial arts and beats one of its greatest fighters. There’s no doubt Toney is a great fighter in his own right, as a boxer, but he’s done nothing so far as a mixed martial artist. Couture, on the other hand, has done it all and has experienced every single situation you can possibly confront in the Octagon. This sport is all new to Toney. He may have had nearly 100 boxing matches, but he hasn’t had one MMA match. I see Randy taking him down and finishing him quickly and in devastating fashion.” Prediction: Couture


“I’ve been reading quotes from Toney on forums and websites, and he’s saying he’s going to come out in a normal boxing stance and won’t change his game at all. If that’s the case, unless he catches Randy very early on, he’s just going to end up on his back. If he’s not willing to learn or adapt, he’ll get pummelled. I think he’s a great boxer, but my money is on Randy, so long as he plays it smart and exposes Toney’s weaknesses. If they get into a clinch, Toney will struggle with Randy’s sheer strength and size. Toney’s a big guy, but he never started out as a big guy, and has gradually put on a lot of weight, but it’s fat weight. Randy’s a decent-sized guy and has that natural grappling strength that all great wrestlers I have. I believe that will shock Toney on the night.” Prediction: Couture


“Obviously Randy Couture will win by first-round TKO. He’s a wise, old dog and he won’t try to prove any points on his feet. He’s going to close the distance, push him against the cage and take him down, mount him and win by ground-and-pound. Now, it’s a funny game and things can happen but if I was going to bet my house on it that’s what I think will happen.” Prediction: Couture by TKO