JoJo Siwa Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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JoJo Siwa is the Dance Moms alum, YouTube influencer, TV personality, actress, singer, dancer, model and, as an entrepreneur, a brand unto her own who, at 15, still wears her signature hair bow. Don’t laugh, those bows help her earn millions a year.

Siwa posted a video of one of her Christmas gifts to her Instagram. Millions who follow the very perky teen liked the image and thousands commented, not all fans, of course. The customized convertible BMW, with her pink pony-tailed image emblazoned across its hood, was reposted by the guys who created it for her, West Coast Custom. And it was on this post that one comment was seen as pretty harsh.

“Burn it,” the commenter wrote. Not once but twice. And her mom wasn’t haven’t it, so she replied. “Burn your own stuff,” she told Justin Bieber.

Savvy Siwa saw an opportunity and has all but trademarked the phrase, ‘burn it.’ (IMDb says her favorite singer is Bieber.)

Update! The cliffhanging beef of 2108 is squashed. Bieber apologized. It’s the car he hates, not Siwa, he said.

But Siwa won the match. Point.

So Siwa is trending because of the Beeb beef, but she’s always trending with tens of millions of followers. Even her dog has a massive social following. Yeah, her dog, BowBow.

So here’s what else you need to know about Siwa:

1. Siwa Earns $8 Million a Year From Selling Hair Bows, Social Revenue, Music Sales, & TV Shows & Appearances, Books, a Nationwide Tour & More

JoJo Siwa is known for a signature bow in her hair, an oversized bow that holds her tight ponytail tightly in place. That bow was the start of a merch line that sells in mall stores like Claire’s and online on myriad retail sites. Indeed, her brand is global. Her line at Claire’s for example, or Justice, two mall shops that cater to young girls, includes the hair bows and bath bombs, backpacks and jewelry, cosmetics, sequined pillows, dairies, and sunglasses. And she sells apparel, toys, think the JoJo doll, arts and crafts, home goods, bedding, and party supplies.

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So Siwa earns millions from her lines and is reported to have a line int he works for other major retailers. Meanwhile, she raking it in on her social accounts, according to Social Blade. And then there’s her contract with Nickelodeon.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Siwa is worth $8 million.

2. The Dance Moms Alum Was a Breakout Character From the Reality Show

Born Joelle Joanie Siwa, the 15-year-old from Omaha, Nebraska. She began dancing at 2 in her mother’s dance studio. She joined the Lifetime reality show for seasons five and six. But her debut was on dance ‘mom’ Abby Lee Miller’s Ultimate Dance Competition show in 2013; Siwa was 10. Part of the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC), Siwa was among the breakout stars of Dance Moms.

Because of her high-profile, Siwa began an anti-bullying campaign that morphed into JoJo’s Siwanator club which “stands against negativity and bullying. If you are a Siwanator, you are strong and you believe in yourself,” her manager is quoted as saying.

A TV Personality With a New Nickelodeon Show, Siwa Stars in Lip Sync Battle Shorties & Has a YouTube Reality Show

Siwa recently inked a deal with Nickelodeon and launched an animated shorts series, The JoJo & BowBow Show Show, starring Siwa and her dog, BowBow. Siwa also She also works alongside Nick Cannon on Nickelodeon’s competition series Lip Sync Battle Shorties and has appeared on various Nickelodeon live-action series, including School of Rock and The Thundermans.

Her reality show is called JoJo Siwa Unlocked and has more than 3 million subscribers.

Wait, she is also an New York Times best-selling author with ‘JoJo’s Guide to the Sweet Life.’.

4. Siwa is a Pop Singer Whose Popularity is Growing. She’s Set to Embark on a US Tour, Part of her Deal With Nickelodeon

Siwa released the video for her song “Boomerang” in May of 2016. As of December 2018, the video has 663 million views. Six hundred and thirty-three million. The video is RIAA certified Platinum. She also has a number of other hits including “Kid in a Candy Store” and “Hold the Drama.”

Siwa announced in November of 2018 that she was kicking off her first tour in May of 2019 with stops in Phoenix, Los Angeles, St. Louis, New York, and Nashville among other cities. She’ll wrap it in July. In total, Nickelodeon’s JoJo Siwa D.R.E.A.M. The Tour will hit 50 US cities.

The first leg, which includes dates through the end of June in Austin, Texas are all sold out according to the website. Yes. Her tour is selling out. A VIP package, if one can still find one, can run around $250 per ticket.

5. A YouTube Influencer, She Has 8.5 Million Followers & Has Collaborated With Miranda Sings & Tricia Paytas

Siwa is pretty impressive on YouTube according to Social Blade. She has an ‘A’ grade, is “extremely popular,” “trending,” and has “three ‘badges'” which point to her prominence on the site. She has 8.5 million subscribers, and that’s just on her main channel and has had her video’s viewed a stunning 1.9 billion times.

And she earns upwards fo $3.6 million from her one YouTube channel alone, according to Social Blade.

Siwa also smartly collaborates with other YouTubers, many wildly popular, including a recent one with With Miranda Sings where Siwa and Miranda make slime, the Nickelodeon mainstay.

And as evidenced by the new BMW, at 15, Siwa is just learning how to drive and of late has featured YouTube videos of her driving with other influencers. Like Tricia Paytas and Josh Peck.

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I pretend that I’m Freddie Mercury 25 hours a day.??

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She has 7.6 million followers on Instagram and close to half a million on Twitter.