Ellyn Santiago

Heavy contributor Ellyn Santiago is a decades-long, award-winning investigative reporter who has worked in print and online in Florida, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut and nationally. Ellyn is currently based in New Haven, Connecticut but covers a national beat for Heavy to include breaking news, politics, criminal justice, social justice, investigative reporting, and occasional timely entertainment and sports news posts. Reach out to ellyn.santiago@heavy.com.
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    Amari Allen, 12, has recanted her charge that three white boys held her down and cut her 'ugly, nappy' dreadlocks off in a playground at Immanuel Christian School.

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    Time magazine published a photo of Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau wore 'brownface,' at an 'Arabian Nights'-themed party in 2001.

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    A video and photos show a black middle school boy being attacked by white students in a locker room at Blake Academy in Lakeland, Florida Monday. One boy has been charged by police.

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    Christian Dior's perfume 'Sauvage' features an ad with Johnny Depp that uses Native American culture to illustrate and describe the scent, which in English translates to savage.

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    Carla Waldman is a Canadian woman caught on video unleashing a racist tirade against an Asian woman during a parking dispute. She will not face criminal charges.