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Heavy contributor Ellyn Santiago is a decades-long, award-winning investigative reporter who has worked in print and online in Florida, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut and nationally. Ellyn is currently based in New Haven, Connecticut but covers a national beat for Heavy to include breaking news, politics, criminal justice, social justice, investigative reporting, and occasional timely entertainment and sports news posts. Reach out to ellyn.santiago@heavy.com.
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    Karl Lagerfled had his own lexicon. A Karlism is a witty turn, a controversial barb, or an affront. Here are some of his well-known, and a few obscure quotes from the iconic and prolific designer who died at 85.

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    Sal Trejo and friends were waiting for an Uber outside a Salt Lake City bar early Sunday when a man began hurling homophobic epithets at the group and then attacked Trejo who filmed the assault.

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    A woman was thrown off of a packed NJ commuter train for refusing to move her bag from a priority seat. Police remove her but not before a scene where she says the seats are her personal space.

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    Christian Nichols, 21, of Oldsmar, Florida, was charged with felony animal cruelty after allegedly raping his Siberian husky while wearing a furry husky costume and posting the video of the assault online.

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    Police charged Danielle Redlick with the murder of her husband. She had left his bloodied body on the floor of their home overnight before calling 911. But first checked her dating app for messages.

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    Twins Kyra and Jayda Davis are the sisters of 21 Savage, the Atlanta-based, but not born, award-winning rapper who was arrested by ICE Sunday and may be deported back the U.K, where he was born.