Zachary Levi’s Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Zachary Levi‘s net worth is $12 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

The 38-year-old actor is known for his recent role on the comedy action film, Shazam! which made $53 million in box office debuts. He also played Chuck Bartowski in the TV series, Chuck. His peak earnings for the show were $900,000 per episode. Levi also played Fandral in Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok. He played Benjamin in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Levi has business roles outside of acting. His company, The Nerd Machine, was re-imagined into a non-profit after the company lost sponsors and Levi lost personal money. Nerd HQ was a Comic-Con event that ended in 2017, but Levi plans to bring it back.

1. Zachary Levi Made $900,000 Per Episode on ‘Chuck’

Zachary Levi’s peak salary as Chuck Bartowski on the TV series, Chuck, earned him $900,000 per episode, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

On the show, Levi plays a computer nerd who unintentionally triggers a mass download of government secrets into his brain. He is protected by a CIA agent who saves him from international terrorists.

2.’Shazam!’ Made $53 Million in Debuts

Shazam!, an action comedy that became Warner Bros. latest superhero movie, easily topped charts at its recent opening. The movie pocketed $53 million during its debut at 4,217 venues, according to Variety. It also made $3 million in advanced screenings. The movie topped expectations, which set earnings at $40 million to $45 million.

It is unclear how much Zachary Levi made for his role on Shazam!

3. He Lost Money On Nerd HQ

Zachary Levi lost personal money on his business ventures The Nerd Machine and Nerd HQ. He plans to reinvigorate the company as a non-profit.

Nerd HQ was a Comic-Con event that pulled out of Comic-Con International in San Diego, Calfornia in 2017. He reinvented the company as a non-profit organization. Levi fronted all the costs for Nerd HQ and lost a significant amount of personal money after two major sponsors pulled out, according to Comicbook. His crowdfunding attempts also failed.

He said in a March interview he could write a biography chapter about the rise and fall of Nerd HQ. He said in the interview he had a recent conversation with a producer about bringing Nerd HQ back.

“You know, maybe one day I’ll write a biography and it’ll talk all about the journey that was Nerd HQ, and where we’ve been and where we’re going,” he said,

Levi said hopes the event will return. He wants Nerd HQ and The Nerd Machine to be his legacy, the said.

“It’s something I really believe in, so much so that I have put a lot of my blood sweat and tears into it,” he said in the interview. “I’m turning it into a full non-for-profit, because I just want it to exist. I don’t need it to make money. I just need it to continue to be something that hopefully inspires people and, you know, raises money and awareness for non-profits outside of it and creates community.”

He said he plans to keep Nerd HQ going to provide community and leave a positive legacy.

“There’s so many people that I see on social media who have been very, very served by the community that Nerd Machine and Nerd HQ provided, and that’s the kind of thing that I want to leave, hopefully. When I’m out of this world, when we’re gone, the only thing that we have left is the impact – the positive impact – or, you know, sometimes unfortunately the negative impact that you leave. But I want to leave as much positive impact as I can before I’m off to wherever.”

4. Zachary Levi is a Sponsor for Health Supplements

Levi toned up for Shazam! and became a sponsor for nutrient supplements, Flow. The company website lists him as a founder.

“The transformation that began as character preparation evolved into a journey to a permanently stronger and healthier lifestyle,” the website says, referencing his Shazam! training.

He advertises the supplements in his Instagram bio.

“I also make tasty, healthy fitness supplements that I’d love for you to try!” his bio says.

5. He Started Acting in Community Theater Productions

Zachary Levi was born Sept. 29, 1980 in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where he got his start in acting for school plays. After his graduation, he acted for community theaters including roles in “Grease,” “The Outsiders,” “Oliver,” “The Wizard of Oz” and “Big River,” according to Celebrity Net Worth.