‘Total Recall’ 3-Boobed Lady Will Bare Triple Nipples in Remake

A 3-Boobed Tribute to Total Recall

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The Total Recall remake has a PG-13 rating, but its famous three-boobed hooker will be baring every bit of her prosthetic threesome, reports TMZ.

The news is a great relief for Total Recall purists (ahem, pervs) who feared the downgrade (upgrade?) from the original’s R rating would deprive them of the coveted Nipple Tripple.

Kaitlyn Leeb, who plays the tri-tata wonder in the remake, showed off the goods at Comic-Con (above) but kept the rubber girls tied down with a nipple-hiding censor-strip. She was horrified that some goons thought at least two of the three were real. For comparison, here’s how she looks back on two-boobed Earth:

Kaitlyn Leeb Total Recall Remake 3 boobs PG-13

A 3-Boobed Tribute to Total Recall