New On Netflix: Let Me In

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As underrated as Let the Right One In was overrated, director Matt Reeves’ English-language take on the Swedish horror hit follows the strange, dangerous and beautiful relationship between the melancholy, lonely Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee of The Road), a young boy who lives in a run-down apartment complex with his single mother, and the mysterious, alluring Abby (Chloe Grace Moretz), the vampire girl who moves in next door. Whilst some of the film’s many surprises (and shocks) will inevitably be ruined by those familiar with its predecessor, Let Me In still manages to be a unique experience in and of itself thanks to the pitch-perfect performances of the two young leads and the slow and steady hand with which Reeves lets the proceedings unfold. This tale of friendship, both harrowing and touching in equal measure, is only occasionally undone by Reeves’ unnecessary and almost fussy reliance on CGI during moments that just don’t require such trickery (the director previously did Cloverfield, so maybe he just can’t help himself). Of the adults in the cast, Richard Jenkins is the standout as the long-suffering guardian who comes to a heartbreaking and inevitable end.