Is ‘Sinister’ as Spooky as Everyone Says It Is?


It’s not the most novel concept in the world, but yet, in the realm of horror how many kinds of antagonists can you have? There are ghosts, monsters, demons and psycho axe-murderers and that’s just about it.

And, if you’re doing a ghost story, chances are the tale will be centralized in some sort of building—a house, a hotel, an office complex. Ghosts don’t just hang around outside, unless we’re talking about that spooky little girl that hangs around the hairpin turn near my apartment building.

Sinister is just that, a haunted house kind of tale that thrusts Ethan Hawke’s character into battle with a demon that enjoys using the form of photography to haunt it’s would be victims. It doesn’t sound like anything too crazy on paper, but one look at the trailer and you can see that there’s definitely some creepy magic at work here—a good sign for those looking for a fine Halloween film to catch with their lady-friend.

Sinister comes out the first week of October, and if it’s just as good as all accounts have been pointing to, then this might be the best horror film this year.

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