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Sure, it’s little more than a two-hour episode of the TV series (albeit one that cost around $66 million to make), but it also happens to be a pretty damn good two-hour episode of the TV series. Taking place between the fifth and sixth seasons of the show, the X Files movie (unofficially subtitled Fight the Future in some circles… or is it crop circles?) features the usual hooey involving Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) diving head-first into various conspiracies and alien invasions, with some truly impressive large-scale set pieces and more than a few unsettling moments (not the least of which is Mulder and Scully almost kissing). If you dig the show, you’ll dig the film — and if you know nothing of the show, you might actually still get a kick out of this sci-fi silliness. Martin Landau makes an all-to-brief contribution to Chris Carter’s sprawling mythology as Mulder’s latest informant.