New On Netflix: Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

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Under Siege 2: Dark Territory marks the return of Casey Ryback (Steven Seagal), the Navy SEAL (and expert cook) who saved the world from the diabolical machinations of Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey (with a little help from his knife and a Playboy bunny, if you remember). Ryback is now retired and traveling by train rather than battleship this time around, en route from Denver to L.A. through the Rocky Mountains with his estranged niece (Katherine Heigl, way pre-Knocked Up) — but wouldn’t you know it, a bunch of terrorists with plans to blow up the entire Eastern Seaboard seize control of the speeding locomotive, putting the cook back in a killing mood. Seagal does his never-fazed, whispery, ponytailed thing, laying waste to these poor idiots with his perfectly executed martial arts moves and ably carrying a decent action sequel that isn’t quite up to the standards of the original (considered by many to be the best Seagal movie ever). Eric Bogosian, as the evil computer genius, can’t hold a candle to either Jones or Busey, but he’s actually not bad (for a playwright turned action movie villain, anyway) as he spews angry witticisms; Morris Chestnut provides the comic relief as the wacky porter who winds up being Seagal’s sidekick, though unfortunately he’s nowhere near as pretty as Erika Eleniak.