Did Drake Bring A Criminal On His ‘Boy Meets World’ Tour?

Drake’s Boy Meets World Tour has been wildly successful overseas, but it seems as though it has run into some legal troubles– particularly with regards to the rapper’s opening act.

Pressa, a rising star in the Toronto rap scene, is scheduled to be in court this October for charges involving armed assault, ransom and kidnapping. He was briefly incarcerated last April, but is currently out on bail, and these legal woes have made authorities critical of Drake‘s decision to bring him on tour. They feel that it is irresponsible of the Grammy winner to travel with someone who can pose both a flight risk and a threat to those around him. Watch the security footage of the alleged kidnapping below.

“I find it troubling,” says Inspector Mike Earl, “Here’s a guy who’s supposed to be on bail for serious charges. Why is he permitted to leave the country withe somebody who is a literal mentor to the city’s youth?”

Pressa was granted a “bail variance” when he was released, meaning that he was technically allowed to travel, but officers like Earl are sill concerned about the fact that he is allowed to circumvent five star hotels, private jets, and concerts, where he is able to interact with thousands of fans.

According to The Toronto Sun, Pressa is also rumored to be a leader of the area’s Young Buck Killas Gang.