How to Stream & Listen to Meghan Trainor’s New Song ‘Let You Be Right’

How to Stream & Listen to Meghan Trainor's New Song 'Let You Be Right'

It seems that Meghan Trainor has moved on from the 50s theme of her last album to something more 80s and early 90s. The music videos for both No Excuses and Let You Be Right have a distinct atheistic for pastel colors, old school discos, and fashionable harem pants.

Let You Be Right has a synthetic pop undertone very reminiscent of songs like Take On Me by a-ha or Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Luckily the comparison stops there, as there are no special effects so popular in music videos in the 80s and the main beat is quite modern, even for Trainor.

Ever since her success with All About That Bass, Trainor has been going strong with two albums since, including No Excuses. Her song was named the body acceptance anthem of the year by media outlets, The Guardian dubbed Trainor as “the poster girl for larger woman,” and represented a huge step for the pop music industry.

As such, Trainor has carried that marketing focus into future by making no effort to hide said “bass” or “booty” as it were. Even with her music video for Me too, which was taken down because it featured unapproved digital manipulation of Trainor’s body. The next day, the unedited version was posted – making Trainor’s stance on body positivity quite clear.

No was her next biggest single on the album titled Thank You, which was influenced by other throwback artists like Bruno Mars. This was not long after Trainor won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist and the song hit Billboard’s Hot 100.

Which brings us all the way to No Excuses and the latest single from the album, Let You Be Right. You can find the music video on YouTube, and the song itself on Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud. Of the album, Trainor proclaims that it is especially dear to her because her “entire family sings on every song” along with her husband, Daryl Sabara.

In fact, Trainor’s father “plays the piano and organs on one song.” All of which are very sweet sentiments, as Trainor recently revealed her struggle with depression and anxiety – it is good to see that Trainor’s family supports her so strongly.

The full album will be released this year, in the late summer.

Along with the debut of Let You Be You, Meghan Trainor released a short Behind the Scenes video. It shows a little of Trainor’s peppy personality and the work that was put into making the various lighting effects. We see Trainor and her crew working hard on the dance moves for the video and even the support of her father, who is filming Trainor alongside the production team.

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