Don’t Mess With Jay-Z’s Wing Sauce—Former Chef Sued Over Stolen Recipe

The chicken wing game isn’t for the weak. Jay-Z is suing his 40/40 Club former chef Mike Shand over some recipes that were stolen when the club closed earlier this year under health department scrutiny.


Mike Shand was hired to cook for Jigga and wife Beyonce while on tour and later promoted to head chef of Jay’s once popular restaurant. Things turned ugly though when Shand flew the coop – recipes in hand.

Jay Z’s legal team argues that Shand’s stolen recipes cost the club lost profits, loss of good will [and] alienation of clientele. So, the club was bleeding money like a seat filler at the Source Awards and the chef bails, rather than take the blame.

Sources told Page Six that one of the more popular menu items Shand left with was a signature recipe for chicken wings. Shand’s legal team is arguing that not only did he hand over all recipes except for the wing spice, but that it was a spice developed by Shand and 40/40 had no right to sue after terminating him.

Seems legit, but only one true chicken man has the power to judge this sort of predicament. The ghost of Colonel Sanders himself!

Via New York Post

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