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    Here is when power may be back on in the Dallas area where outages occurred from the tornado. The Oncor outage map indicated approximate restoration times.

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    Mitt Romney has admitted that he has a secret Twitter account using the name "Pierre Delecto."

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    As the one-year anniversary approaches of the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in U.S. history, the Tree of Life synagogue announced plans to rebuild.

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    The Bernie's Back Rally had an endorsement from AOC and a crowd of over 25,000. Many were turned away when the venue reached capacity. See highlights here.

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    Marlon Anderson is a former school security guard who says he was fired for using the N word while telling a Wisconsin student not to call him it. Many feel the firing was unjust.

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    Dorothy Stratten was dating filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich at the time of her death. Later, Bogdanovich went on to marry Stratten's younger sister.