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  • Hunter Biden Faces 17 Years in Prison After Blowing Millions on ‘Extravagant Lifestyle,’ Prosecutors Say

    Hunter Biden spent millions of dollars on escorts, luxury clothes, and more, instead of paying his taxes, according to a new indictment.

  • UNLV Mass Shooting Victims Were Faculty Members at the Business School

  • Professor in UNLV Mass Murder Claimed He Solved Zodiac Killings

  • Anthony Polito Named as Gunman in Mass Shooting at UNLV

  • Shane James Accused of Murdering Parents, Handyman in Austin, Texas

  • UNLV Active Shooter Suspect Is College Professor, Reports Say

    The UNLV active shooter is dead, police say.

  • ‘Beloved’ Math Editor Named as the Boston Woman Killed by a Shark

  • Hanukkah Song Removed From School Concert in Rochester, Minnesota

  • Brazen Thief Steals Christmas Tree From Car Roof in Viral Video

  • Boston Newlywed Killed by 15-Foot Shark While Paddleboarding on Honeymoon

  • Derek Chauvin’s Lawyer Raises Concerns About Former Officer’s Safety

    In the latest Derek Chauvin update, his lawyer says he was returned to prison but raised safety concerns.

  • The Rambling Posts of the Man Tied to Arlington House Explosion

  • Arlington, Virginia, House Explodes in Dramatic Video

  • Meghan Markle Felt Kate Middleton Was Not a ‘Self-Made Woman’: Report

  • LA Serial Killer Suspect Followed Victim Home From Charging Station, Police Say

  • Neighbor Buried Missing Indiana Teen in Homemade Box, Police Say

  • Ohio ‘White Lung’ Pneumonia Outbreak Explained

  • Gang Leader Stabbed Derek Chauvin 22 Times on ‘Black Friday,’ Complaint Says

  • Holden Armenta: Mom Defends Young Kansas City Chiefs Fan

  • Jason J. Eaton Accused in Vermont Shooting of Palestinian Men

    Jason J. Eaton is the suspect accused of shooting three Palestinian students in Burlington, Vermont.

  • Prison Officials Release Derek Chauvin Suspect Name After Charging

  • Multiple Palestinian Students Shot in Burlington, Vermont

  • Derek Chauvin Not Dead, Is In Stable Condition, Minnesota AG Says

  • Derek Chauvin Stabbed in Federal Prison in Arizona

  • Grand Island Couple Identified in Rainbow Bridge Car Explosion

    Kurt Villani and his wife Monica Villani were identified as the suspects in the Rainbow Bridge car explosion.

  • False Hyatt Regency Mass Shooting Reports in Buffalo, New York

  • Video Shows Car Explosion at Rainbow Bridge Border Crossing Near Niagara Falls

  • Body Cam Video Shows Moments After Man Opens Fire in Ohio Walmart

  • Stuart Seldowitz: ‘Vile’ Video of Ex-Obama Adviser & Diplomat Goes Viral

  • Husband’s Heartbreaking Tribute to UW-Platteville Athletic Director, Unborn Child

    Kristina Navarro Krupka, the UW-Platteville athletic director, and her unborn child, have died.