• Memorial Day: Why Veterans Are Particularly Vulnerable to the Coronavirus Pandemic

    With the challenges posed by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, veterans who were already lacking adequate benefits and resources are now in deeper trouble.

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    Chase Passon, Alexis Strenke and Ruby Jimenez-Nevarez have all been arrested and accused of assault in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. A GoFundMe for the victim, Jacob, is trending.

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    Jaden Hayden is a Michigan man who was arrested after a video of an elderly person at a nursing home in Detroit being beaten went viral.

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  • Massive Early Morning Fire Erupts On Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco

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    Brooklyn, New York, rapper KJ Balla was shot and killed late Friday night.

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    During the White House coronavirus pres briefing, Kayleigh McEnany poses her own questions about Obamagate after no reporter asked about the unmasking.

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    Yes, COVID-19 stimulus checks work at ATMs. They also work at establishments that accept Visa.