• Alecia Kitts Tased: Cops Say She Refused to Wear a Mask at Football Game Due to Asthma

    Alecia Kitts is the Ohio woman who was tased as she resisted arrest following her refusal to wear a mask at a middle school football game, the Logan Police Department said.

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  • Police Claim Protesters Left Coffin Full of Dirt & ‘Manure’ at Asheville Station

    Asheville, North Carolina, police claimed Wednesday that protesters left a coffin filled with dirt and what they "believe" to be cow manure outside the station.

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    Former conservative TV host Tomi Lahren said Breonna Taylor was not killed by police who were in a "blind and racist rage."

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  • Police Officers Shot in Louisville as Breonna Taylor Protests Turn Violent

    Two Louisville police officers were shot as Breonna Taylor protests turned violent, the police chief confirmed. See video of gunfire erupting.

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    Could you get your second stimulus check before this year's November election? Get the details here.

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  • Brett Hankison Charged With Endangerment in Breonna Taylor Shooting Investigation

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    A California woman attacked and slapped members of a Native American tribe on September 18 protesting the Trump Administration's border wall.