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  • Milwaukee Sheriff Slams ‘Insanely Irresponsible’ Claims About Accused Killer Maxwell Anderson’s $5 Million Bail

    Maxwell Anderson has not been released on bail, the Milwaukee sheriff says.

  • Milwaukee Body Part Discoveries Intensify Fears for Missing Student, Sade Robinson

  • Las Vegas Attorney Opens Fire at Law Firm, Killing Married Couple: Report

  • Florida Pre-Med Student Stabbed Mom Because She Got on His ‘Nerves,’ Sheriff Says

  • Milwaukee Bartender Maxwell Anderson Charged in Severed Leg Case

  • 2nd ‘Possible’ Body Part Found in Milwaukee After Severed Leg Turned Up in Park

    A second body part may have been found in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, just days after a human leg was discovered.

  • Arizona Restaurant Owner Dismembered Teen Who Was Visiting State After Graduation, DA Says

  • Florida Crews Search for ‘Drunk’ Man, 20, Who Jumped Off Cruise Ship in Front of Father

  • East Coast Earthquake Damage Videos & Memes Hit Social Media

  • New Jersey Earthquake: Philadelphia, Other Pennsylvania Areas Rocked by 4.8 Quake

  • Missing Kansas Moms Met With ‘Foul Play’ in Oklahoma, Police Say

    Oklahoma police believe two missing women, Veronica Butler and Jillian Kelley, met with "foul play."

  • Minnesota Grandma Killed by Rogue Elephant in Attack Captured on Video

  • Indiana Police Lodge Hit by Burglars Who Stole Money Honoring Fallen Officer, Police Say

  • Missouri Teen Kaylee Gain, Attacked on Video, Shows Signs of ‘Significant Cognitive Impairment’

  • Pennsylvania Girl, 13, Killed Mom After She Took Her Cell Phone, Police Say

  • Nashville, Tennessee, Easter Brunch Shooter Caught on Camera, Police Say

  • Getty Images Flagged Kate Middleton Cancer Announcement Video With Editor’s Note

  • Illinois Mass Stabbing Suspect Beat Teen, 15, With Bat as She Watched Movie, Police Say

  • Missouri Teen Kaylee Gain, Beaten on Video, Has Started Talking, Family Says

  • Pennsylvania Man in ‘Scream’ Mask Killed Neighbor With Chainsaw, Then Left Note, Police Say

    Zak Moyer is the Carbon County, Pennsylvania, man who is accused of stabbing his neighbor to death while wearing a "Scream" mask and carrying a chainsaw.

  • Minnesota Conjoined Twin’s Wedding Dance With Army Veteran Is Captured on Video

  • Mississippi Teen, 14, Shot & Killed Her ‘Devoted’ Math Teacher Mother, Police Say

  • IIllinois Man Randomly Stabbed Teen Walmart Worker With Hunting Knife Inside Store, Police Say

  • Arizona Teen Was Driving 155 mph When Her Corvette Slammed Into Park Ranger’s Harley, Police Say

  • Baltimore Bridge Dispatch Audio Shows Police Had About 100 Seconds to Stop Traffic

    Dispatch audio from the Maryland Transportation Authority Police captures the short time frame authorities had to stop traffic from entering the Baltimore, Maryland, bridge.

  • Minnesota Man Found ‘Hugging’ Girlfriend’s Body Under Blanket After Smothering Her, Police Say

  • Frantic Search Underway for Baltimore Bridge Victims as Vehicles Are Found Underwater

  • Baltimore Bridge Collapse Videos Show Crash as 6 People Remain Missing

  • Waukesha County City Installs Police Cameras at 4 Public Locations

  • Wisconsin Sheriff Says Man Died After Getting Stuck in City Water Tank Suction Tube

    A Texas man died after getting stuck in the City of Blair, Wisconsin, water tank.