• Stimulus Checks 2: Biden Says You Might Get Another $1,200 Payment

    President Elect Joe Biden says that a second round of $1,200 stimulus checks could happen.

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    Chris Kruse was accused of killing his wife Jan Pigman-Kruse and prosecutors said he was the only one with the motive to kill her.

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  • Harrison Deal Dead: Kelly Loeffler’s Staffer Dies in Car Crash

  • 5-Year-Old Blind Boy Beaten to Death While Mom Gives Birth: Cops

  • House Votes to Decriminalize Marijuana, But Senate GOP Likely to Block the Bill

    The U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass historic legislation to decriminalize marijuana, but the Republican-led Senate is likely to just say no.

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  • YouTuber Kills Pregnant Girlfriend on Live Stream After Abusing Her: Police

    A YouTuber has been arrested after a live broadcast showed him abusing his pregnant girlfriend until the woman died - and being paid to do so by fans.

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  • Atascadero Monolith: 3rd Mysterious Structure Destroyed in California

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    Bob Bryant was a California megachurch pastor who has died of COVID-19.

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  • Woman’s Headless Body Found in Baltimore, Hands & Feet Also Missing: Cops

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  • President Obama Opens Up About COVID Vaccination, Praises Anthony Fauci

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    Gina Michelle Bisignano, a business owner in Los Angeles, was recorded using a homophobic slur as she protested against COVID-19 restrictions.