• Ron Paul Appeared to Have a Medical Emergency on His Live Stream

    Ron Paul appeared to have a stroke or some kind of medical emergency on his live stream today.

  • Was a Dead Body Found in Breonna Taylor’s Rental Car in 2016? Yes.

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  • Austin Pfeiffer: Ohio Hunter Killed by Grizzly Bear in Alaska in ‘Surprise Attack’

  • Ralph Northam: Virginia Governor & 1st Lady Test Positive for COVID-19

  • New Prediction States Stimulus Package May Not Come Until 2021

    On Thursday, Goldman Sachs predicted in a note to clients that a new stimulus package may not come until "early 2021."

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  • Extra Unemployment Benefits: Will You Get $1,800?

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    Trump held a rally in Jacksonville, Florida, on September 24. See crowd photos and learn more about how many attended.

  • Are Google & Gmail Down? 502 Error & Other Issues Reported

  • John Goulart Jr: ‘Ambushed’ Louisiana Cop Actually Shot Himself, Police Say

  • Danny Chambers Dead: Oasis Church Founder Dies at 62

  • Alecia Kitts Tased: Cops Say She Refused to Wear a Mask at Football Game Due to Asthma

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  • Jason Cleereman: Attorney Shot & Killed in ‘Altercation’ With Cyclist

  • Makenze Evans: Daniel Cameron Is Not Married to Mitch McConnell’s Granddaughter

  • Brett Hankison: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Police Claim Protesters Left Coffin Full of Dirt & ‘Manure’ at Asheville Station

    Asheville, North Carolina, police claimed Wednesday that protesters left a coffin filled with dirt and what they "believe" to be cow manure outside the station.

  • Christopher Wray: FBI Director Contradicts Trump on Vote by Mail Fraud

  • Larynzo Johnson Accused of Shooting Two Louisville Police Officers

  • WATCH: Trump Greeted With Boos, ‘Vote Him Out,’ As He Pays Respects to Ginsburg

  • Vladimir Putin: Russian President Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

  • Tomi Lahren Says Police Didn’t Kill Breonna Taylor In ‘Racist Rage’

    Former conservative TV host Tomi Lahren said Breonna Taylor was not killed by police who were in a "blind and racist rage."

  • Extra Unemployment Benefits: Will You Get $2,400?

  • COVID-19 Stimulus Check IRS Deadline: Why September 30 Is a Crucial Date

  • Stimulus Must Be ‘Priority’ Over Campaigning, Bipartisan Group Tells Pelosi

  • Stimulus Checks: If You Didn’t File Taxes, the IRS May Send You a Letter

  • California’s Governor Wants to Ban Selling Gas-Powered Cars by 2035

    From wildfires to heat waves and sea-level rise, extreme weather has become a central issue in the state.