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  • Ex Wisconsin Cop Faces Disturbing New Charges About Golden Retriever, DA Says

    Steven Rosales, a former Kewaskum, Wisconsin, school resource officer, is facing disturbing new charges relating to accusations involving his family's golden retriever.

  • Ex Yakima Cop Spotted in Oregon After Murders of Ex-Wife, Teen Girlfriend, Police Say

  • Texas Art Teacher Assigned Students to Perform Puppet Show Murder, District Says

  • West Virginia Man Shot 3 Women Inside Home, Including Artist & Fast Food Worker, Police Say

  • Joe Biden’s Story Implying His ‘Uncle Bosie’ Was Eaten by Cannibals Is Questioned

  • Killer Interrupts Young Mother’s Company Zoom Call, Shoots Her to Death, Family Says

    Ashley Bird was a 35-year-old mother who was shot and killed by her estranged husband when he interrupted a Zoom call she was having for work, authorities say.

  • Max Azzarello Described His Politics on Social Media Before Lighting Himself on Fire Outside Trump Trial

  • Max Azzarello: Manifesto Left Behind by Man Who Set Himself on Fire

  • Video Shows Moment Man Set Himself on Fire Outside Trump Trial in New York, After Throwing Flyers

  • Torso, Arm of Wisconsin College Student Wash Ashore on Lake Michigan Beach, Sheriff Says

  • Milwaukee Murder Suspect Maxwell Anderson’s Father Speaks Out About Student Sade Robinson

    The father and family of suspect Maxwell Anderson are speaking out for the first time since Anderson was accused of the dismemberment murder of college student Sade Robinson.

  • Milwaukee County Teen Wanted in ‘Gruesome’ Triple Stabbing at Hales Corners Apartment Complex

  • Minnesota App Creator Left ‘Ominous Text,’ Video Before Shooting Popular Car Collector in Garage: Report

  • ‘Vampire’ Identifying Wisconsin Murder Suspect Attacked Teen After Gas Station Meet Up, Police Say

  • Ex Wisconsin Police Officer Is Sunglasses-Wearing Chase Bank Robber Who Made Costco Bomb Threat, Police Say

  • Why You Can’t Watch or Listen to the Trump Trial in New York

  • Juan Merchan Politics: Is the Trump Judge a Democrat or Republican?

  • English Tutor Identified as Mall Stabbing Attacker Left Behind Disturbing Facebook Post

  • Murdered Wisconsin Student’s Last Texts Setting Up ‘First Date’ With Maxwell Anderson Emerge

  • Milwaukee Sheriff Slams ‘Insanely Irresponsible’ Claims About Accused Killer Maxwell Anderson’s $5 Million Bail

    Maxwell Anderson has not been released on bail, the Milwaukee sheriff says.

  • Milwaukee Body Part Discoveries Intensify Fears for Missing Student, Sade Robinson

  • Las Vegas Attorney Opens Fire at Law Firm, Killing Married Couple: Report

  • Florida Pre-Med Student Stabbed Mom Because She Got on His ‘Nerves,’ Sheriff Says

  • Milwaukee Bartender Maxwell Anderson Charged in Severed Leg Case

  • 2nd ‘Possible’ Body Part Found in Milwaukee After Severed Leg Turned Up in Park

    A second body part may have been found in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, just days after a human leg was discovered.

  • Arizona Restaurant Owner Dismembered Teen Who Was Visiting State After Graduation, DA Says

  • Florida Crews Search for ‘Drunk’ Man, 20, Who Jumped Off Cruise Ship in Front of Father

  • East Coast Earthquake Damage Videos & Memes Hit Social Media

  • New Jersey Earthquake: Philadelphia, Other Pennsylvania Areas Rocked by 4.8 Quake

  • Missing Kansas Moms Met With ‘Foul Play’ in Oklahoma, Police Say

    Oklahoma police believe two missing women, Veronica Butler and Jillian Kelley, met with "foul play."