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    Elon Musk announced that he will live tweet the release of documents relating to the Hunter Biden lap top story, which he says Twitter suppressed.

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    Comparisons to current protests and unrest in China have been made to the 1989 demonstrations that led to the Tiananmen Square massacre. An expert on Chinese protests explains why that it half right.

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    See the criminal complaint and charging document against Richard Allen in the Delphi murders.

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  • Scientists Discover 5 New Species of Black Corals Living Near Great Barrier Reef

  • China COVID Protest Video: The Most Dramatic Viral Videos

    Dramatic videos have emerged of COVID protests in China, including some that appear to show government officials welded apartment doors shut to keep people inside.

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  • How Advertising Shaped Thanksgiving as We Know It

    At one point, turkey was jockeying with duck and chicken for king of the Thanksgiving table.

  • Why Is Turkey the Main Dish on Thanksgiving?

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  • Chesapeake Walmart Victims: Names, Tributes & Photos

  • Chesapeake Walmart Active Shooter: Video From Shooting Scene

  • Aaron Brink, aka Dick Delaware: Anderson Aldrich’s Father

    Aaron Brink is a former mixed martial arts fighter and adult film performer who is the father of accused Colorado Springs mass shooter Anderson Aldrich.