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  • Luke Bryan Celebrates Wedding Anniversary By Sharing Adorable Post

    In a first for Luke Bryan, the "American Idol" judge created an Instagram Reel just to wish his wife a happy anniversary.

  • Hunter Biden Faces 17 Years in Prison After Blowing Millions on ‘Extravagant Lifestyle,’ Prosecutors Say

  • UNLV Mass Shooting Victims Were Faculty Members at the Business School

  • Professor in UNLV Mass Murder Claimed He Solved Zodiac Killings

  • Anthony Polito Named as Gunman in Mass Shooting at UNLV

  • Shane James Accused of Murdering Parents, Handyman in Austin, Texas

    Shane James was described as the suspect who is accused of a violent shooting spree that left four people dead in Austin, Texas.

  • UNLV Active Shooter Suspect Is College Professor, Reports Say

  • ‘Beloved’ Math Editor Named as the Boston Woman Killed by a Shark

  • Hanukkah Song Removed From School Concert in Rochester, Minnesota

  • Brazen Thief Steals Christmas Tree From Car Roof in Viral Video

  • Boston Newlywed Killed by 15-Foot Shark While Paddleboarding on Honeymoon

    A Boston woman was killed by a shark in the Bahamas.

  • Derek Chauvin’s Lawyer Raises Concerns About Former Officer’s Safety

  • The Rambling Posts of the Man Tied to Arlington House Explosion

  • Arlington, Virginia, House Explodes in Dramatic Video

  • Meghan Markle Felt Kate Middleton Was Not a ‘Self-Made Woman’: Report

  • LA Serial Killer Suspect Followed Victim Home From Charging Station, Police Say

  • Neighbor Buried Missing Indiana Teen in Homemade Box, Police Say

  • Ohio ‘White Lung’ Pneumonia Outbreak Explained

  • Gang Leader Stabbed Derek Chauvin 22 Times on ‘Black Friday,’ Complaint Says

  • Holden Armenta: Mom Defends Young Kansas City Chiefs Fan

    Holden Armenta is the young Kansas City chiefs fan photographed with a red and black face.

  • Jason J. Eaton Accused in Vermont Shooting of Palestinian Men

  • Prison Officials Release Derek Chauvin Suspect Name After Charging

  • Multiple Palestinian Students Shot in Burlington, Vermont

  • Derek Chauvin Not Dead, Is In Stable Condition, Minnesota AG Says

  • Derek Chauvin Stabbed in Federal Prison in Arizona

    Derek Chauvin was stabbed in federal prison in Arizona, reports say.

  • Grand Island Couple Identified in Rainbow Bridge Car Explosion

  • False Hyatt Regency Mass Shooting Reports in Buffalo, New York

  • Video Shows Car Explosion at Rainbow Bridge Border Crossing Near Niagara Falls

  • Body Cam Video Shows Moments After Man Opens Fire in Ohio Walmart

  • Stuart Seldowitz: ‘Vile’ Video of Ex-Obama Adviser & Diplomat Goes Viral

    Stuart Seldowitz was an adviser in former President Barack Obama's White House who is accused of being the man in a viral video at a New York halal cart.