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Richard Rose: Ohio Man Dies of COVID-19 After Saying Masks Were Hype

Richard Rose passed away on July 4 from complications of COVID-19, just a few days after he tested positive for the coronavirus. Now posts are going viral online that show him saying he didn’t believe in wearing masks back in April. Heavy has confirmed that those posts are authentic. In mid-June, the Port Clinton, Ohio, man posted about attending a crowded outdoor public pool and later said he thought he may have caught coronavirus there. Many people who knew and loved Rose have posted tributes to him, including a paranormal group where he was well known, and funds are being collected for his funeral costs.

Here’s what you need to know:

Rose Posted About Not Wearing Masks in April & About Visiting a Packed Pool in June

Here’s the post that has gone viral:


Heavy was able to verify that the posts are true. In late April, Rose did indeed post that he was not buying a mask. He didn’t indicate in later posts whether or not he had changed his mind about masks.

Heavy was able to verify this post, which was shared on April 28.


Then on June 13, Rose checked into the Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island in Ohio, posting “Round 2” and then sharing how crowded it was there.


He posted a photo of a crowded pool full of people on June 13. Rose wrote: “It’s not that packed lol.”


Rose later wrote on Facebook that he thought he caught COVID-19 when he was at the Bay attending the event above.

Another Facebook post shows he visited the S&M Bar on June 15, before he started feeling sick and was later diagnosed in late June.


In July, Rose Shared That He Was Sick With Coronavirus & Having Trouble Breathing

Rose became ill with coronavirus in late June. On July 1 he wrote: “I’ve been very sick the past few days. Symptoms of Covid-19. This morning I finally got swabbed. I should know soon what the results are. I just want to feel good again!”


In response to one person’s question, Rose wrote that he thought he caught COVID-19 when he went to the Bay in mid-June.


He said he had gone a few weeks before — his posts show it was June 13 — and then wrote, “I seriously think that’s where I contracted it if I test positive.”

Then later on July 1, he confirmed that he tested positive. He wrote: “Well. I’m officially under quarantine for the next 14 days. I just tested positive for COVID-19. Sucks because I had just started a new job!”


When someone replied to that post and asked if he knew how he got it, he simply wrote back, “nope.” Another person wrote that they hoped a person he had been with at the Bay didn’t have it too.

One person wrote to him and said that they felt terrible about downplaying the virus now that someone they knew was sick from it.


Rose wrote that he felt “wore out” and “I can barely breathe now” when someone asked him how he was feeling. He later wrote that he had a new job but because of the quarantine, he wouldn’t be able to go back to work until July 21.

Then on July 2, the next day, he posted about his symptoms getting worse. “This covid s— sucks! I’m so out of breath just sitting here,” he wrote.


He answered a few additional questions about how he was feeling. He said he was not given hydroxychloroquine and that he was only given an inhaler for treatment. The laughing reactions in the screenshots are from people who trolled his page later after his posts went viral.


In another update, he shared that he hadn’t been able to sleep for two days.


According to his obituary, Richard Rose III passed away on July 4. He was born on July 25, 1982.

On July 3, he posted a meme that his friends said really demonstrated his personality and sense of humor.


One friend wrote about the meme above: “I didn’t think that this would make me laugh one day and the next day I’m filled with grief. Rest in heaven, you were one of the good guys.”

Another person replied: “Legit first thing i saw when i opened my Facebook startled me just a little. Rip rick im gonna miss your witty posts and the stories of what put u in Facebook jail this time.”

Another friend wrote in response to the meme:

This just popped up on my feed, one day old. It is horrible that this damn disease took a person so full of life but, God Bless him, he decided to go out on a joke. One that makes us sad and miss him, but also one that makes us laugh because it’s so damn fitting. Well done, sir. Well done indeed. You got us all one more time.

Friends are posting tributes and talking about how much they miss him. One friend wrote: “He drove me and my daughter to and from Canada in Feb/March to meet up with friends. I just can believe that I’ll never hear him laugh in person again or have him scare the crap out of me again either. He will be missed.”

Another friend wrote that Rose was a combat veteran that they loved and will miss. His obituary shared that he was in the Army for nine years and served two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Friends Say Rose Always Made Them Laugh & They Hope the Hateful Comments on Social Media Stop

Rose was only in his 30s and wasn’t known to have any major health issues when he got sick. His friend David Glidden reached out to Heavy to share how loved Rose was. He said Rose was known for making people laugh.

“The passing of Rick has shaken those who knew him,” Glidden said. “The guy had the kind of personality that people would gravitate to. He was fun, passionate, and enjoyed making people laugh. He was also the kind of guy who would post things on Facebook, not particularly because he felt a certain way, but because he knew it would stir the pot. People would have something to say and argue but at least people were talking about issues.”

Glidden told Heavy that he hopes the hateful comments people are leaving on Facebook stop. He said they had to report some of the comments for harassment, but Facebook didn’t take any action.

“Since his passing, people have come out of the woodworks, posting nasty, hateful, comments about a man they knew nothing about,” Glidden said. “To top it all off, they did this as his friends and family were still mourning less than a week after his passing. Most of it crossed the line into harassment. When reported to Facebook, nothing was taken down nor was there ANY action taken. Those that defended Richard faced consequences from Facebook in way of bans. Though the wounds were and are still fresh the reality is quite comical in a sense. The way Rick could stir the pot was great, but this by far was his best one. He’s probably laughing at all of us and enjoying every bit of it. We all fell for it. Bravo Rick. You will certainly be missed.”

Rose’s friend Nick Conley told Cleveland 19 that Rose’s Facebook page was getting “slaughtered” by mean comments and he wishes people would have compassion even if they don’t agree with his views.

“Rick is getting slaughtered online right now for his decision that he made not to wear a mask and that’s not right,” he told Cleveland 19. “We should still be compassionate whether we agree with someone’s beliefs or not. Someone has passed away and we should have some compassion towards that.”

Rose had no known pre-existing conditions. He was only 37 when he died.

Rose Streamed on Twitch & Was Involved With Paranormal Groups; A PayPal Fund Has Been Set Up for Funeral Expenses


Rose streamed on Twitch under the name Gh0stGamingTV. He had 835 followers.

Haunting History posted a video in tribute to Rose.

The group has set up a PayPal fund to cover funeral costs here.

According to Haunting History, Rose was part of their original Paranormal Studies pilot. The Paranormal Studies Facebook page also posted a tribute to him. Both posts appear to have since been deleted.

Another friend made a tribute post to him that you can watch below.


Some friends said they were hosting a get-together in his honor, but masks and social distancing would be required.


Rose’s friend Conley wrote about Rose in a public post on Facebook:

This was my friend Richard Rose. Rick was diagnosed with COVID-19 on July 1. Rick lost his life 3 days later on July 4th. Rick was healthy as far as we know and was only in his 30’s. Rick was like a lot of my friends, and didn’t feel the need to wear a mask because he was young and healthy. Please know that this virus is real. Just because you don’t personally know someone effected yet doesn’t mean it’s not real.


One friend said he had a tattoo in his honor and wrote: “Now with this tattoo we will never be separated. … I love you Brother and I’ll see you again one day.”

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Richard Rose posted that he was not buying a mask or joining the hype of COVID-19. He went to a packed pool and passed away from coronavirus a few weeks later.