10 Best Magazine Subscriptions for Outdoorsmen

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If there are any outdoorsmen in your world who are passionate about anything from fishing to skiing to outdoor photography, chances are they would love reading up on their most treasured hobby throughout the year. Alternatively, if you yourself are an avid outdoorsmen of any kind, you might be surprised how interesting and informative a magazine subscription can be! The age of the internet has made magazines seem almost outdated in our minds, but in reality some of the most current and relevant information regarding the outdoor world can be accessed by a simple annual subscription — and it’s cheap too! Besides, reading off a screen just isn’t the same as having an issue of Field & Stream on your coffee table to read and refer back to.

It’s never the wrong time of year for subscribing to magazines, and if you’re buying a subscription as a gift for someone, you won’t have to worry about a magazine subscription shipping in time! Your favorite outdoorsman or woman will love keeping up to speed with whatever their wilderness passion is, and they’ll think of you every time a new issue is pulled from the mailbox! Make sure to check out our Top 10 Best Magazine Subscriptions for Men for 2018 list as well — there’s some great ideas there too!

1. Fly Fisherman

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Outdoor Sportsman Group

Are you yourself a fly fisherman or is there one in your inner circle? Chances are you’ll love reading up on the latest fly fishing content bi-monthly. If it’s a hobby of yours or if you know one, then you know that fly fishermen are some of the most dedicated sportsmen out there — it’s a hobby, a passion and a science all in one activity. Those who truly love to swing a fly rod can never learn enough about the sport no matter how hard they might try! This is an awesome magazine for anglers who are looking for an introduction to fly fishing as well as already experienced fly fishermen. There’s content on fly tying, rod making and fishing destinations as well as on fly fishing traditions and history. Fly Fisherman also keeps a great pulse on all sorts of new fishing gear and products so you can stay in the loop! All other things aside, what angler doesn’t love looking at photos of trophy fish caught in world class fishing destinations? We could look at monster fish photos all day… No doubt an awesome gift for yourself or any level of fly fisherman that’s available for 37 percent off the cover price!

Price: $19.00 (37 percent off cover price)

Buy a Fly Fisherman subscription here.

2. Backpacker

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Active Interest Media

Here’s the perfect magazine subscription for the diehard backpacker, hiker or just traveler in general. Backpacker magazine is a super cool publication that essentially provides information on how to effectively embark on some incredible wilderness journeys. If there’s an adventurous outdoorsmen in your life they’ll love the inspiration they’ll get out of this subscription. Issues include quality “how to” advice for backpacking in all sorts of incredible destinations. It’s the kind of magazine us outdoor enthusiasts drool over while reading at home, and that encourages us to just get the hell out there! There’s information on the best places to plan the trip of a lifetime as well as on the gear you’re going to want to take along. There’s gorgeous fold-out maps and remarkable photos that will have anyone chomping at the bit to pack their bags. This year long subscription includes nine issues at 84 percent off the cover price — not too shabby! Whether or not you’re able to load up your own backpack and ship out to Thailand anytime soon, you and your friends will no doubt appreciate the righteous travel guidance and inspiration Backpacker publishes!

Price: $7.00 (84 percent off cover price)

Buy a Backpacker subscription here.

3. Field & Stream

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Field & Stream

Here’s perhaps the most classic outdoor magazine out there. Field and Stream has been entertaining sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts alike for over 100 years now and their content is still as riveting and current as ever. This is a sportsmen’s magazine through and through offering articles on fishing, hunting, outdoor excursions and nature conservation. The pages are full of photos of trophy fish and game which is always entertaining in itself. Each month’s issue is full of all sorts of advice from renowned hunters and fishermen in order to give readers an edge while pursuing their own fish and game. There’s gear reviews, information on hunting, fishing and tracking techniques and even some survival skill instruction in every issue. This is a staple for coffee tables and personal libraries of wise outdoorsmen everywhere — here’s your chance to include yourself or your favorite sportsmen in the ranks at 83 percent off the regular cover price!

Price: $8.00 (83 percent off MSRP)

Buy a Field & Stream subscription here.

4. Outdoor Life

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Bonnier Corporation

Outdoor Life is a great choice of magazine subscription for the outdoorsmen who has a wide variety of interests. Each issue has sections dedicated to hunting, fresh and salt water fishing, guns and gear. It’s the perfect monthly read for nature enthusiasts who have a passion for learning more about their outdoor hobbies. Articles on nature conservation as well as award winning outdoor adventure stories are also included monthly. It’s a tasteful and diverse magazine that offers something for every kind of outdoorsmen and everything for certain outdoorsmen. At 80 percent off the cover price, this is am awesome opportunity to set up yourself or the outdoorsmen you have in mind with some righteous, year round reading.

Price: $8.00 (80 percent off MSRP)

Buy an Outdoor Life subscription here.

5. American Survival Guide

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Engaged Media

Here’s an awesome idea for the outdoorsman in your life who has a passion for survival skills and off the grid living. Whether you or who you’re shopping for is an all out doomsday prepper or just someone who enjoys learning and practicing primitive survival skills, tearing this magazine apart every month will be looked forward to. It’s a great read for anyone who spends time in even relatively remote wilderness. Real, practiced survival skills are something that a lot of even experienced outdoorsmen lack — this could be an awesome incentive to build up some useful and potentially life saving knowledge. On the other end of things, there’s all sorts of information put forth by American Survival Guide concerning survival in and around the home. Home defense, growing and storing food, building adequate shelters and other practical topics are all covered by this publication. This is a pretty cool magazine to read monthly for the knowledge thirsty survivalist. If you’re gift shopping for an outdoorsmen or die hard survivalist of any kind, make sure to check out our Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Survivalists post!

Price: $36.95

Buy an American Survival Guide subscription here.

6. Ski

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Active Interest Media

We all know that one person in our lives that just can’t get enough of skiing — and maybe it’s you. Chasing powder becomes more of a sickness than a hobby for a lot of avid skiers and snowboarders during the winter months — a subscription to Ski magazine could be a killer gift for yourself or the alpine enthusiast who loves everything that is skiing. This magazine covers everything from information on skiing gear, fitness tips, travel suggestions and ways to improve your performance. It’s a great read both during the height of the ski season as well as during the warmer months when you’re hankering to get on the slopes. Planning trips to awesome and affordable destinations, keeping up to speed with all the best new gear and reading up on some pro-tips for staying in prime skiing shape are all killer reasons why you or your favorite skier will love this mag. Issues are sent out bi-monthly for a total of just $8.00 — that’s 73 percent off of the cover price! Fuel the addiction and get hooked on some new reading content!

Price: $8.00 (73 percent off cover price)

Buy a Ski subscription here.

7. Guns & Ammo

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Outdoor Sportsman Group

Not much of an explanation needed here — gun hobbyists love reading up on anything firearms related. Guns & Ammo is an awesome magazine for the outdoorsmen who has a passion for shooting and likes to stay current with products and gear as well as legislative details and trends that influence the sport. It’s a fascinating magazine to read for the sport shooter or hunter who enjoys staying up to date with what’s new on the market as well as for learning about firearms history. Guns & Ammo covers topics such as information on antique and modern arms, ballistics, hunting, sport shooting, law making surrounding firearms and even info on natural resource and environmental protection! It’s an awesome overall view of the shooting industry geared towards the consumer. Amazon’s price of $12.97 is 73 percent off the cover price, so this is one of the best ways to set up yourself or favorite gun enthusiast with a subscription.

Price: $12.97 (73 percent off cover price)

Buy a Guns & Ammo subscription here.

8. Climbing

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Climbing has experienced a massive surge of interest from outdoorsmen over the past few years. More and more outdoor athletes are discovering a passion for getting off the ground and immersing into nature’s countless jungle gyms. Here’s an opportunity to score the climber in your life, or yourself a subscription to Climbing magazine for 83 percent off the cover price. There’s quality information on selecting gear and routes, as well as some incredible stories and photos of renowned climbers and world class destinations. Bouldering, wall climbing, ice climbing and alpine treks are all covered — there’s something to peak every kind of climber’s interest (pun intended). It’s described by a lot of readers as ton of fun to flip through if only for the photos alone! Climbers and trekkers alike enjoy the adventure inspiring content of this publication — and it’s only $10.00 for an annual subscription!

Price: $10.00 (83 percent off cover price)

Buy the Climbing here.

9. Outdoor Photographer

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Here’s a righteous magazine subscription idea for the up and coming or experienced nature photographer. Outdoor Photographer is a unique and insightful publication that might just blow your mind, or that of your favorite photographer. The emphasis of this magazine is on the practical use of cameras while in the outdoors. It’s meant to inspire readers to try new equipment and techniques, as well as to travel to new destinations. Outdoor Photographer looks at nature photography as a lifestyle and has a focus on tying the hobby into other aspects of outdoor recreation. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the magazine is all the killer info on selecting camera gear and equipment — it’s a super valuable wealth of pro tips that’s worth a lot more than $12 for a year’s subscription! This is the kind of magazine that encourages and inspires readers to broaden their horizons, take on new challenges and get out into the world in order to view it through a new lens — sounds like a sweet read to me!

Price: $11.97 (82 percent off cover price)

Buy an Outdoor Photographer subscription here.

10. Travel + Leisure

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The Time Inc. Magazine Company

Here’s one more awesome deal on a magazine subscription that is being offered for 72 percent off the cover price! Travel + Leisure is renowned for it’s quality information and advice concerning planning and putting together travel plans. Its main focus might be on traveling itself rather than on the outdoors, but the idea here is to inspire some righteous trip ideas. This magazine is issued every month and will really get you or the outdoor enthusiast in your life thinking about where to go next. There’s awesome tips on where the best travel destinations in the world can be found encompassing food, fun, shopping and all sorts of activities. Exploring options for mind blowing and affordable backpacking, fishing, hunting or hiking trips is inherently in the pages of Travel + Leisure. If you or who you’re shopping for loves to get off the beaten path or just go places they’ve never been in order to immerse in wilderness or pursue a specific hobby, this subscription might end up being a seriously valuable resource.

Price: $19.95 (72 percent off cover price)

Buy a Travel + Leisure subscription here.

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