5 Best Portable Hammocks for Camping

Hammocks are a huge up and coming outdoor item these days, and for good reason. A quality camping hammock packs small, can be set up in all sorts of settings and is a great option for both sleeping and camp site lounging.

A lot of campers have even found sleeping in a hammock to be far more comfortable than on a sleeping pad. It’s a matter of personal preference — if you’re an outdoorsman or woman who enjoys this style of camp bed then you’ll be stoked to learn about our top picks for hammock camping!

The beauty of a portable hammock is its versatility. It can be used as your sleeping accommodation or as a place to swing and relax once you reach that glorious summit view. The beach, the park or the back country are all suitable places to lay out for a quick snooze or a full night’s sleep with a portable hammock. It can be either a pleasure item or an essential piece of gear — for campers like me, it’s both.

For all you backpackers out there, consider the benefits of leaving behind the weight and bulk of your tent and sleeping pad and solely relying on a hammock when it’s time to crash for the night. Ultralight tents pack impressively compact these days, but they still don’t compare to the low profile and weight of a camping hammock.

Switching out your current sleep system for a hammock might be a major game changer for how you hit the trail as minimalist as possible. If sleeping in a hammock is just not for you, it’s still an awesome item to pack while trekking for relaxation reasons. It takes up practically no space in your backpack and is there when you want to kick back and enjoy the scenery in style.

If you’re looking for an outdoor hammock that puts comfort rather than portability first, then definitely check out the Cloudview unit from Nemo. It’s still relatively portable for use on the trail, but it’s more geared towards campsite or back yard lounging rather than backpacking.

Only one of the hammocks listed here includes a weather proof rain fly — if staying dry is of critical importance to you but hammock #3 is not your style then you’ll want to pair your hammock with a specially made rain fly like this. Owning a hammock mosquito net might also be in your best interest depending on where you plan on camping.

Our top list includes a few different style options of varying quality. We’ve included high end units for the die hard hammock fanatic as well as some great value, budget options. Truth be told, most portable hammocks are highly comparable to each other — it’s a relatively simple design that is typically crafted from the same materials. That being said, we’ve weeded through the huge selection on the market and tracked down the best value and highest reviewed hammocks.

Whatever style hammock sleeper or lounger you are, there’s something here that will fit your needs!

1. Best Value Portable Hammock: Elevate Double Camping Hammock

elevate backpacking hammock


Elevate is without a doubt a hammock brand that should be on your radar. Started by a young entrepreneur in Durango Colorado, these hammocks have been designed as a budget but quality option for the rugged outdoorsmen. It’s about as simple as a portable hammock gets yet also very mindfully built.

The hammock body is crafted from 210T nylon parachute fabric and can support up to an impressive 500 pounds! This is a double hammock, so there’s room for two if you’re hiking or camping with a partner. Elevate conveniently includes two steel carabiners, two tree straps and two 10 foot long knotted ropes — it’s everything you need for easy set up.

This brand takes pride in the fact that the included strapping, adjustment ropes and carabiners are of a superior quality to other comparably priced hammocks — and that’s why we’ve included Elevate here on our top list.

The hammock and included equipment for set up weigh just over one and a half pounds — pretty impressive. When collapsed into the incorporated stuff sack this unit is furthermore exceptionally tiny. It’s almost small enough to be held in the palm of your hand!

It’s weight, size and weight limit make it great for either relaxing or as your main sleeping accommodation. A standard portable hammock that’s particularly packable and equipped with superior quality strapping and carabiners, you can’t go wrong with Elevate!

Price: Starting at $29.95 & Free Shipping

Buy the Elevate Double Camping Hammock here.


  • This is a double hammock that has an impressive 500 pound weight limit — you and your partner wont’s have to worry about over straining this one
  • Includes superior quality tree friendly straps and steel carabiners for the cost
  • Elevate’s 100% satisfaction guarantee is one of the best in the business — this outfitter has your back if things go wrong
  • The hammock and all the included items weigh less than two pounds making this a solid choice for use backpacking


  • This hammock has it all for use camping or backpacking other than a rain fly and mosquito net for some added protection from mother nature

Find more Elevate Double Camping Hammock information and reviews here.

2. Best Value Mosquito Net Hammock: Covacure Mosquito Proof Camping Hammock

covacure mosquito net hammock


Here’s an excellent option for those who require some mosquito defense while camping. If you like the idea of sleeping in a hammock while in the great outdoors, you need to consider the fact that you’re out in the open as opposed to within the shelter of a sealed tent.

This is no problem as long as you utilize a mosquito net. This unit from Covacure incorporates an effective mosquito net into the design. It’s one of the cheapest, best made hammock options available that doesn’t require purchasing your bug defense separately.

This hammock, like most lightweight portable hammocks is crafted from 210T nylon in order to remain ultralight and super strong. There’s a 440 pound weight limit, so good luck over straining this one. Covacure advertises this unit as a double hammock, but reviews insist it’s a bit tight for two average sized adults.

Some camping pairs might find this hammock suitable for two person use but if you’re particularly shopping for a double hammock I would recommend you consider something a bit larger. For lounging and relaxing however this unit is great for two people!

The mosquito netting is highly reviewed for being totally bug proof — you’ll wake up bite free with this one. It takes a little bit of practice to set up the lines that hold up the netting, but it’s super simple once you get the hang of it.

It’s easy to see through the mesh so you can still converse with your camping buddies while inside your bug proof shelter. The mesh is furthermore more or less dust proof — an AWESOME feature for use camping or lounging in dry settings where there’s a lot of dirt in the air. Music festival enthusiasts in particular will love this feature when trying to sleep or nap among a dust ridden camp ground. The mesh ventilates just fine and also can be unzipped if you want a full breeze.

The hammock and included carabiners and tree strapping weigh about one pound. It’s an impressively ultralight option especially considering the included mosquito netting. Definitely a highly portable option.

A lot of user reviews claim the included tree strapping is a bit too short. It’s adequate strapping, but if you want to be able to set up your hammock in more places you’ll want to purchase some longer straps separately.

All in all, this is an excellent value mosquito proof hammock that if paired with a rain fly enables you to remain both dry and free of bug bites. For a unit under $30 this is one impressive product.

Price: $24.99 & Free Shipping on orders over $25

Buy the Covacure Mosquito Proof Camping Hammock here.


  • Super low price tag for a bug proof hammock that provides such great protection!
  • This is a double hammock that can handle up to 440 pounds! It might be a little tight for sleeping with a partner, but there’s plenty of space for two to to sprawl out and lounge
  • Includes some higher quality (short) tree strapping and carabiners for hanging the main hammock body that are a great value for the cost of this purchase on their own!
  • Packs impressively tiny — definitely a suitable option for ultralight backpackers


  • Included tree straps are better quality than what most hammock outfitters typically include, but are still only three feet so you may want to purchase some longer strapping for more fine tuned adjustments

Find more Covacure Mosquito Proof Camping Hammock information and reviews here.

3. Best Weather Proof Camping Hammock: Lost Valley Premium Hammock with Rain Fly & Mosquito Net

oak creek backpacking hammock

Oak Creek Outdoor Supply

Here’s a portable hammock option for those who want to be prepared for nasty weather conditions. With a hammock set up like this, you’re truly braced for whatever mother nature throws your way. It’s still super easy to set up and break down, exceptionally packable (14 by 8 inches) and lightweight — yet it provides almost the same level of shelter that a tent does.

This unit is the one of the ultimate options for serious campers or backpackers. It’s a bit heavier than the other options listed here, but still less than four pounds. Considering the included rain fly and mosquito net the extra weight is to be expected.

This hammock does however still pack super tight. Like the other units here, this hammock stuffs into the attached stuff sack that doubles as a little gear pocket when the hammock is in use. It’s built from 210T nylon and has a 350 pound weight limit.

The incorporated mosquito net is sewn into one side of the hammock and zippered on the other. It’s super easy to set up and use and is quite spacious inside once properly hung. It’s a nice quality mesh that’s well reviewed for both durability and ventilation.

The included rain fly is also of nice quality. It’s essentially a 9.5 by 9.5 foot square tarp with four attachment points. The fly is loved by campers because it’s quite large — there’s room to tuck your backpack, boots and other gear underneath which is a great added touch. Simple, but effective.

The included strapping is made of non stretch fabric and 10 feet long so you’re covered on that front. The stainless steel carabiners are also top notch — they wont rust or degrade over time due to wet weather. Guy lines and stakes are also included for setting up and making adjustments to the rain fly and mosquito netting.

For a hammock you can feel confident camping in through any weather conditions, look no further!

Price: $64.95 & Free Shipping

Buy the Lost Valley Premium Camping Hammock with Rain Fly & Mosquito Net here.


  • Purchase includes some solid tree strapping and stainless steel carabiners, items that are often sold separately making this an excellent value
  • Incorporates a removable rain fly and mosquito net
  • Has an impressive 350 pound weight limit for a single hammock
  • Set up is easy and all the included components weigh less than four pounds — this is a great choice for backpackers who want to trim weight but still need protection from the elements


  • This is on the expensive end of camping hammocks, but it’s still an excellent value considering all the included features and components

Find more Lost Valley Premium Camping Hammock with Rain Fly & Mosquito Net information and reviews here.

4. Best Budget Portable Hammock: Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

winner outfitters packable hammock

Winner Outfitters

Here’s a righteous affordable option for the budget backpacker or camper. This is as bare bones and simple as it gets, but it’s still an excellent product. If you’re new to hammocking then this could be the perfect introduction.

There’s an endless amount of hammocks just like this one on the market but Winner Outfitters has come up with one of the best in this price range. I’ve bought a fair amount of camping gear from this brand at seemingly unreasonably low prices and have yet to be let down!

Like the other hammocks here this unit is built from 210T nylon parachute fabric and includes both strapping and carabiners making it a highly comparable option to many higher priced camping hammocks. For you backpackers out there, at just one and a half pounds, you won’t remember you’re carrying it until you collapse into its embrace at the end of the day.

Winner Outfitters has built this double hammock with a whopping 500 pound weight limit — there’s plenty of space for you and a friend or loved one. It’s the 210T nylon fabric that enables this hammock to be so strong and light weight.

There’s two tree friendly straps, two ropes and steel carabiners included with this hammock so it comes ready to rock. The included strapping and ropes makes this one quite adjustable with a little practice. For a unit under $30 this is a beyond reasonably priced hammock.

There’s even a few different color choices to choose from! Winner Outfitters also offers this model for about the same cost as a single hammock if you don’t have anyone to snuggle with or would prefer to sacrifice a bit of lounging space for even less weight. Either way, you won’t be disappointed by this budget hammock’s performance.

Price: $24.99 — $26.99 & Free Shipping

Buy the Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock here.


  • Great price for a hammock this highly reviewed — you’ll be hard pressed to find a better value unit
  • Impressive 500 pound weight limit
  • Included tree strapping and carabiners are of nice quality — there shouldn’t be any need to replace them
  • Four color options available


  • This is a pretty standard, no frills hammock — it’s a great option for lounging and camping use but for more rugged use backpacking you might want to look elsewhere

Find more Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock information and reviews here.

5. Most Versatile Camping Hammock: Sawtooth Double Camping Hammock With Tree Straps & Aluminum Carabiners

sawtooth backpacking hammock

Sawtooth Sporting Goods

I really like this option from Sawtooth Sporting Goods. This is a unique hammock that can be used for several different functions. This unit easily converts from a hammock into a sun canopy or picnic blanket! It’s a super cool feature that makes total sense when you think about it.

By simply removing the attached strapping, this unit can be unfolded and used for shade or as a sitting space. There’s “utility loops” lining the side walls of this hammock that allow it to be easily and effectively staked down as a picnic blanket or tied up as a canopy.

You can also use the utility loops to hang gear like your water bottle from the hammock while inside it or even to secure the hammock on guy lines if you don’t like to swing while sleeping. If you wanted to, you could treat the 210T nylon with a waterproofing material like Nikwax spray to make this hammock an effective rain fly as well. If you do want to waterproof this hammock then carefully consider the product so that you don’t reduce its breathability — Nikwax is a good choice for this reason.

Aside from its versatility in function, this hammock is also one of the higher quality options on the market in regards to its included strapping and carabiners. Sawtooth’s main selling point is that their included 10 foot long strapping and no snag wire gate carabiners are superior to the competition.

This hammock might be a bit more expensive than a lot of comparable options, but its versatility in function and higher quality included components make it more than worth the cost.

This unit is only nine by six by six inches when stuffed and an impressively light 2.3 pounds with the included strapping and carabiners. As a lightweight backpacking option, this is totally an acceptable choice. There’s even four rad colors to choose from so you can customize your look.

For a standard camping hammock with some not so standard characteristics this unit from Sawtooth is no doubt worth checking out. Consider pairing it with a hammock rain fly and/or mosquito net if you want to further add to its capabilities!

Price: $59.99 & Free Shipping

Buy the Sawtooth Double Camping Hammock With Tree Straps & Aluminum Carabiners here.


  • Can be used as a picnic blanket and canopy for sun shade!
  • Purchase includes some solid tree strapping and aluminum carabiners, items that are often sold separately making this an excellent value
  • Four different color options
  • Design incorporates utility loops into the side walls for set up as a canopy, staking down as a picnic blanket, securing the hammock to reduce swinging and for hanging items like your water bottle


  • This hammock is not waterproof and therefore not suitable to be used as a rain fly despite the fact that it can be converted into a canopy. You can easily treat this unit to be waterproof but that will greatly reduce its breathability

Find more Sawtooth Double Camping Hammock With Tree Straps & Aluminum Carabiners information and reviews here.

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