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7 Best BiOrb Fish Tanks: The Ultimate List

These fish tanks give you a 360-degree view of your newly acquired aquatic life. Not only are these tanks a great addition to any home or office setting, but they are incredibly zen as well. Here are the best biOrb fish tanks to make your home or office a more tropical place and as budget-friendly as possible. You’ll love adding a biorb fish tank to your decor.

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Home or Office:

Regardless of where you put these tanks, they will definitely elevate the space. They are an amazing conversation piece for home or office. If they are placed in an office they can go to individual offices or in a lobby or waiting area and will occupy clients or customers while they wait to be seen. If you place them in the home they can be a centerpiece because of their smaller size, or if you purchase a larger tank they can be placed in a living area or entryway. They create a very zen-like escape wherever they find their home. With the 5 step siltation process they will eliminate the odor that unkempt tanks can secrete. Because they are made of Acrylic instead of glass they remain cleaner and clearer for viewing pleasure. They are a great low-maintenance option for the person that doesn't have hours to clean them every week. Perfect for a person or business that is busy and has a great view no matter the angle. Even the boxier, square, or rectangular versions of these tanks have more viewing space than the average aquarium.