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11 Best GPS Trackers For Cats: Your Buyers Guide

gps trackers for cats


Cats are rulers of their own domains. If you let them out at will they often return with the smug expression of someone who had a great adventure, but instead of sharing any juicy details, they hit you up for a treat and then head straight to snooze in their comfy cat bed. There is not a cat owner alive who wouldn’t love to hear where exactly Felix went last night and who he met. Technology allows you to do some of just that with the help of a GPS tracker for your cat – we found some of the best cat trackers available so take a look and see if one is right for you and your favorite feline.

What Are the Best GPS Trackers for Cats?

cat GPS tracker for list Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Very light
  • No monthly subscription
  • Easy to use
Price: $175.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Cat gps tracker for list Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Very light at 28 ounces including battery
  • Track up to four pets
  • Improved battery life
Price: $85.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
GPS collar for list Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Real GPS
  • Works anywhere there is Verizon LTE-M coverage
  • Fits cats 5 pounds and up
Price: $99.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Bartun pet tracker for list Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Cute pink unit
  • Cheap subscription
  • Small collar included
Price: $89.25 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Cat gps tracker for list Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Truly made for cats
  • Free easy to use app
  • Made in the USA
Price: $67.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
cat gps tracker for list Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Light
  • Waterproof
  • Clips on to collar
Price: $60.98 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Smart Pet Tag Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Small and light
  • No subscription
  • Easy to activate
Price: $32.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Cat GPS for list Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Waterproof
  • Light at 1.06 ounces
  • Uses real GPS
Price: $89.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
PetFon GPS pet tracker Amazon Customer Reviews
  • LED ligts in collar
  • Uses real GPS technology
  • Weatherproof
Price: $239.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Bluetooth tracker for list Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Very light
  • Activate using Alexa
  • No subscribtions or plans required
Price: $39.97 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Ardi pet tracker for cats Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Very easy to use
  • Light collar tags
  • No subscription plans or fees
Price: $94.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Loc8tor Tracking Cat Collar

    • Collar beep is great for training cat to come home
    • Handset operates like a came of hot and cold, telling you which direction is right
    • Very accurate
    • Works from inside your car if you drive around looking for your cat
    • 400 foot range may not be enough for outdoor use
    • Obstructions like trees and walls will cut down on range
    • Uses a lot of battery power - change batteries frequently

    The Loc8tor cat tracking collar is a very popular choice for cat owners for a bunch of reasons. It uses proprietary RF-based technology to follow your adventurous feline where ever he goes and it is so light and small your cat will quickly get used to wearing it. With this tracker there is no monthly subscription fee – just put the collar on your cat and you are set to go. To find your cat, simply grab the handheld control and it will show you if you are headed in the right direction. It weighs just 0.175 ounces and has a direct line of sight range of 400 feet. When you press the locate button on the handset, the collar makes a small beep – with a little work and a lot of treats you can use this to train your cat to come when he hears the beep. 

  2. 2. Girafus Cat Tracker RF Finder

    • So small and light cat can wear all the time
    • No monthly subscription fee
    • Works inside and outside
    • Works up to 1600 feet with a clear line of sight
    • Different batteries needed for freezing temperatures
    • No earphone or headset jack in control unit
    • Some cats may wander farther than reach

    This is a great cat tracking collar with a working range of 1600 feet. Cats can squeeze into all sorts of odd opening and crevices and this collar will give you peace of mind that you can find your little purr machine again. It works really well both indoors and outdoors, and the manufacturer has recently improved the tracker so it doesn’t use as many batteries as before. It weighs only 28 ounces, battery included. You can use the tracking device for up top four different pets – just get a tag for each and you will have perfect peace of mind. The collar unit uses CR2032 batteries and these don’t work when it’s freezing – a better choice is chargeable LIR2032 button cell batteries.

  3. 3. FitBark GPS Pet Tracking Smart Collar Device

    • Will fit most collars up to 1.5 inches wide
    • Can intergrate with Apple Watch, FitBit and other personal fitness devices
    • Uses familiar cellphone maps to track and find your cat
    • Can monitor your cat's activity such as sleep and anxiety
    • Maybe a little big for the smallest cats
    • Requires monthly subscription and some in app purchases
    • May have limited tracking ability in low cell coverage areas

    Okay – so don’t tell your cat this was really made for dogs because it is a good fit even for smaller cats. This is the complete deal as FitBark will integrate with your FitBit, Apple Watch, HealthKit, or Google Fit device. It fits cats from 5 pounds and up, and it is so light even the pickiest feline soon will get used to wearing it. It can locate your cat with or without being connected to Wi-Fi as long as there is Verizon cellphone coverage in the area where you are looking for your cat. The monthly subscription starts at $9.95 when billed monthly and gets cheaper the longer you sign up for. This is a real GPS tracker so it will find your cat no matter where it is across the country. Uses adorable little pawprints on the map to show where your cat is headed.

  4. 4. Bartun GPS Pet Tracker Cat

    • Weatherproof and shockproof
    • Small enough to not get your cat trapped
    • Fits on any collar less than 0.8 inches wide
    • Charge may only last for 24 hours
    • May be too large for a fearful or timid cat
    • Users report some problems with tracking app
    • Does not integrate with Apple Watch or other devices

    How super cute is this pink cat GPS tracker? It’s perfect for the fashionable feline who wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something made for a dog. It comes with a collar that fit pets smaller than 28 pounds and it’s waterproof – not for swimming in the pool, but for regular sprinkles of rain. The Bartun unit is also shockproof so it can follow your cat anywhere – no need to worry about accidental shocks, even in wet conditions. It fits on any collar that’s less than 0.8 inches wide or you can use the collar that comes with the unit. The monthly subscription fee is $4. 

  5. 5. CAT TAILER – the Smallest Bluetooth Waterproof Cat Tracker

    • Effective when looking for your cat in the yard or near neighborhood
    • Long battery life and very small size
    • Free one-year warranty included
    • Two phones can use the same app
    • Not GPS - uses Bluetooth to find your cat
    • Is sensitive to trees, buildings and fences blocking tracking ability
    • Does not provide map showing cat's location

    This cute little cat tracker uses Bluetooth to find your cat – you turn on the handset and start walking around, and it will tell you if you are headed in the right direction. This is not a true GPS tracker, but it’s very popular with cat owners whose felines occasionally sneak out the door for a little recreation time. It ranges up to 320 feet but is most reliable within 150-200 feet. Once you download and set up the app it will show you exactly how far away your cat is, and it will send you notifications (you can set that up to fit your needs). The app is free and there are no subscription costs. Batteries last for about 6 months depending on how much you use the unit. 

  6. 6. TKSTAR GPS Tracker For Cats

    • Use real GPS technology
    • Can be set up to alert you when cat leaves "safe zone"
    • Can be set for Wi-Fi use only indoors
    • 2G SIM card not included
    • Complicated to set up
    • May be too bulky for some cats

    This GPS tracker for cats is on the cheaper side and it’s a little more difficult to set up than most. It may also be a little bulky if your cat is very timid, but it doesn’t weigh more than 1.19 ounces. It is waterproof and it tracks your cat’s every move in real-time. You can set up a safety zone (like an electronic fence) and the app will alert you if your cat crosses that boundary – no more worries about Fluffy sneaking out of the house or your yard. It has a Wi-Fi setting for indoor use only, and the fully charged battery will last two or three days. 

  7. 7. Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag Community Pet Tracker

    • Ranges about 300 feet
    • Connects you to a community of cat owners
    • Free app can store your cat's medical records
    • The map function doesn't always work
    • It's not real GPS - has limited range
    • Not always accurate

    When you buy the Pawscout smart tag you also buy into an app that is being used by all the other PawScout owners. It’s very easy to use this tag: you simply register the tag, connect it to your cat’s profile in the app, and put the tag on your cat’s collar – that’s it. If your cat ever goes missing, you can mark him as missing in the app and all other users will get an alert if they are near him. Pawscout is Bluetooth-based – it’s not GPS – so there is no subscription. It ranges about 300 feet and if you want to add your pet’s medical records to the Pawscout profile, then that’s a nifty option. 

  8. 8. BARTUN GPS Tracking Collar Device For Cats and Dogs

    • LED light in collar can be activiated remotely
    • Tracks your cats movements in real time
    • Can be used to set up safe roaming zone to alert you if cat leaves the yard
    • Long battery life
    • No plan subscription
    • You must purchase and install seperate sim card
    • May be a little large for some cats
    • Some users find it complicated to set up

    Here is another cat tracking collar from the pros at Bartun. This one can pinpoint the exact location of your kitty – and tell you where she’s been while she was outside. The GPS tracking system works world-wide (important for the really well-traveled feline) and the unit has no range limit as it uses real GPS tracking. The collar has a built-in LED light that can be turned on remotely and will light up even the darkest cat hiding spots. Depending on how you set up the tracking app, you can also keep track of how many steps your cat takes and how many calories he burned during last night’s escapades. You can also use this cat GPS collar to set up a safe-zone for your cat: if he sneaks beyond that, the app will alert you and you can easily find him. The unit is waterproof and light at 1.06 ounces, and it has a kong battery life. More than one person can check into the app at the same time. To use this unit you must purchase a sim card that works with 4G, LTE, 3G and other cellphone networks common in your area. 

  9. 9. PetFon Pet GPS Tracker

    • Can be used to set up safe zone
    • Long range at 3 miles in open country
    • Voice commands may be stored in collar
    • Ready to use right out of the box
    • No service or subscription fees
    • Too large for small cats
    • In-town range is around 0.65 miles, not 3 miles
    • May be heavy on battery consumption

    This cat GPS collar is at the larger end of what can be used for a cat, but owners of free-roaming outdoor cats really like it. It can track your cat for more than 3 miles in an open farm setting, and about 0.65 miles in the city. It has a voice command feature that lets you store commands on the collar unit – but this is probably a feature that’s most useful for dogs. The collar has LED lights that can be activated remotely to make it easier to spot your cat in the evening. The unit comes ready to use right out of the box, and it’s designed specifically for outdoor tracking. The collar unit measures 1.7 by 1.7 inches and weighs almost one ounce, so it’s not for the smallest of cats. It lets you set up a safe area for your pet and the app will alert you if Mister Purrs skips outside the safe zone – a feature that’s very handy if you’ve just moved or are worried about your cat leaving your yard. 

  10. 10. Tile Pro (2020) High Performance Bluetooth Tracker

    • Ready to use right out of the box
    • Easy to transfer from one cat to the other
    • Tile app is easy to use
    • Tile location can be shared with friends to increase your searching area
    • Bluetooth only - short range
    • For cat tracking use it indoors only
    • No light in collar

    Alright – this really is a key and purse finder – but it works just beautifully to find your indoor cat. It does not work very well outside as it uses Bluetooth technology to locate your cat – but it is weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry if kitty runs outside for just a bit. For the owner of a sneaky cat who likes to hide under the bed just as you are leaving the house, this will bring complete peace of mind. Tile integrates with Google and Alexa voice-activated systems, so you can simply say: Alexa, where is the cat? Once you download the Tile app you become part of the Tile lost and found community, so you can get help finding your cat – or help others find their pets. 

  11. 11. Ardi Pet Tracking Cat Collar

    • Tracks your cat for about 1600 feet
    • System shuts down when not in use to preserve battery life
    • Collar tag will beep when search mode is activiated
    • Weatherproof - comes with waterproof silicon case that can protect collar tag
    • Not a true GPS system
    • Shortened range in heavily developed area
    • Batteries for base unit not included

    Tiny but mighty this cat tracking collar system consists of a base unit that can track up to four pets at a time. It can track your cat up to about 1600 feet. Using the base unit to find your cat is like playing a game of hot and cold: the closer you get to your cat, the more the base unit will vibrate in your hand. The tag on your cat will also beep as you are trying to find him. It uses RF technology – not GPS – and probably works best in an open area, like on a farm or in a large open yard. When the system isn’t in use it “falls asleep” to help preserve battery power. It’s very easy to set up: plug AA batteries in the base unit and attach the tag to your cat’s collar and you are good to go. 

How can a GPS cat tracking collar help me?

We love our cats for all the same reasons that they sometimes drive us nuts. We love how independent and secretive they are, and we mostly love that we can't order them around like dogs. Cats live their own lives, pick their own people and though they may offer a few cuddles here and there, they are very independent and curious. 

And it's the curiosity that gets them in trouble. If you have ever had a beloved cat wander off and disappear for hours, days, or weeks, you know exactly how stressful that can be. When no amount of rattling the treat bag gets the attention of Fluffy you may wish you had a GPS tracker on your cat to make it easier to find. 

But my cat never runs away...?

An estimated one in three pets will wander off (or actively run away because they get scared or locked outside) during their lifetime, and cats have a much lower chance of getting reunited with their humans. The ASPCA estimates that 93 percent of dogs will return home, but only 75 percent of cats are that lucky - even if they end up in a shelter. Only 3 percent of owned cats are returned to their homes from shelters, though having an up-to-date microchip really helps. 

Does a GPS tracking collar for my cat make it more likely we are always reunited?

There are many reasons why dogs fare better in terms of getting reunited with their families. Dogs are social and will often seek out the company of people, something few cats will do unless they are really desperate. And a dog collar is a visible sign that the dog belongs to somebody. 

If you come across a cat with no visible means of identification, it can be difficult to tell if it belongs to someone - or if it's feral. A GPS tracking collar on your cat will show anyone who finds your cat, that it has a family somewhere, and hopefully encourage the cat finder to try and find you. 

Which collar tracking system is right for my cat? 

There are many tracking systems out there and most were developed for working dogs like police K9s, herding dogs, or search and rescue dogs. So the collar units tend to be bulky and some are quite heavy, once you put in the battery. Make sure you get the smallest and lightest unit that fulfills your needs. GPS (global positioning system) units work very well, use apps that look familiar (think Google Maps), and can be integrated with fitness apps you use for yourself. They do have a monthly subscription fee and if your cat somehow gets out of cellphone and radio range, the GPS will only show the last recorded location. GPS units are the ones that can show you a map of where your cat went.

Radiofrequency tracking aka RF technology has a much more limited range and they often operate from a base unit or handset - not from a phone app. There are no monthly fees to worry about, but if you lose or break the handset, then you've lost contact with your cat. 

Bluetooth technology is super easy to use but has a very short range and is basically recommended for indoor tracking. 

Should my cat be allowed outside? 

This is a much more controversial question than it may seem right off the bat. Most animal protection agencies like the United States Humane Society and American Humane strongly recommend that cats are kept indoors at all times. While the life of a free-roaming cat has been romanticized over generations, being outside on its own is not a safe place for a cat. Traffic, wild animals, other cats, dogs, toxins like antifreeze or rodent poison, and cruel people are real threats to your cat. An outdoor cat is also more susceptible to disease, parasites, and injuries that may recover costly veterinary care. And there is an environmental concern that unsupervised cats hunt, kill and maim millions of birds and other smaller prey. So maybe creating a stimulating indoor environment for your cat no longer sounds like such a bad idea. 


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