WATCH: BYU-Memphis Miami Beach Bowl Post-game Brawl



Tensions mounted and were finally released after Monday’s Miami Beach Bowl game between BYU and Memphis ended. Towards the end of the game, Memphis hit a 55-yarder to stay alive, and then grabbed a game-ending interception to seal a 55-48 win — it’s first 10-win season since 1938 (since FDR was president), but it is what happened after the game that has grabbed headlines.

Several players from each team took cheap shots from behind that eventually escalated into an all-out brawl between both sidelines on the field.

In the Vine above, a BYU player is seen walking off the field and snatching a Memphis flag out of a fan’s hands and throwing it on the floor. It was a shame the game ended in a fight because it was one of the most entertaining shootout Bowl games in history.

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