Will Cardale Jones Declare for the NFL Draft?

National Championship - Oregon v Ohio State

Today is the deadline for underclassmen to declare they will enter the NFL Draft. Cardale Jones, 22, hasn’t yet, but a recent tweet hinted that he will.

Jones is a sophomore and has two more years of eligibility. But after winning a National Championship, how much more does he have to prove?

He’s only made three starts, but he won them all — and they weren’t small games. His first start was the Big 10 Championship, followed by the Sugar Bowl and finally the National Championship.

With under 1,000 yards passing and only seven touchdowns on his career, there are questions as to how he will fare in a full season. If he declares, we’ll have to find that out through the NFL.

If he stays at Ohio State, he will have a good chance of being their starter next season, but he’ll still be in college and not getting paid. But, if he waits, he could build up his resume and possibly go first overall next year as a Heisman winner. Or, he could crash and end up being a late-round pick.

This year’s draft has a shallow quarterback pool and a lot of teams in need of one. That alone could be enough to have Jones go in the second or third round.

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