Adrian Peterson Reinstated: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Adrian Peterson had a successful appeal on Friday. The appeal overturns his suspension and allows the case go back to the CBA process for possible early reinstatement. Peterson is still under contract with the Vikings, but his agent said he will never play for them again.

Peterson’s possible early reinstatement will allow him to workout for other teams if he is serious about leaving Minnesota.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Peterson Was Supposed to be Out Until April 15

adrian peterson


Peterson’s original suspension had him out until April 15, which would prevent him from practicing or working out for other teams in an attempt to leave the Vikings.

2. The NFLPA Sued the NFL For the Reinstatement

Adrian Peterson, Rusty Hardin

Adrian Peterson chats with attorney Rusty Hardin (right) during an October 8 hearing. (Getty)

Judge David Doty ruled that Commissioner Roger Goodell was wrong to implement a rule on Peterson that was established after Peterson committed the act.

According to, Judge Doty overturned the suspension based on the CBA. But, the NFL can take the issue to a circuit court to have the ruling overturned.

“Petition to vacate the arbitration award was granted. Case was remanded for further proceedings … as the (collective bargaining agreement) may permit.”

The NFL says it will “review the decision” by Judge Doty to make Peterson immediately eligible. According to NFL Media’s Albert Breer, the league has the ability to seek a circuit court injunction to keep Peterson from being reinstated.

3. Peterson Is Still Under Contract With the Vikings

zygi wilf

Vikigns owner Zygi Wilf addresses the media after putting Adrian Peterson on the NFL exempt list. (Getty)

Peterson signed a seven-year contract in 2011 worth almost $100 million. He’s set to make $12.75 million this season, $14.75 million in 2016 and $16.75 million in 2017.

4. Peterson’s Camp Said He Would Never Play for Minnesota Again

Adrian Peterson, Vikings


According to ESPN, Peterson’s agent told a Vikings’ official that he would never play for the Vikings again at the NFL Combine.

5. His Suspension Was for Child Abuse

Adrian Peterson, Rusty Hardin, Adrian Peterson wife, Ashley Brown Peterson

Adrian Peterson exits the Montgomery County courthouse in October with his lawyer, Rusty Hardin, and his wife, Ashley Brown Peterson. (Getty)

Peterson was suspended in November, 2014, after he pled no contest to child abuse.

Following a grand jury indictment in September for child abuse, Peterson struck a plea deal with prosecutors that allowed him to avoid jail time.

Prior to reaching the deal, Peterson was scheduled to go to trial at some time this year, with his lawyer hoping for a trial start in November.

Peterson’s representatives struck the deal with hopes that he’d be allowed to return to the field this year — hopes that were dashed by the league Tuesday.

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