NCAA Bracket & Schedule 2015: The Field After Day 4

Oklahoma's TaShawn Thomas drives against Dayton's Jordan Sibert in the first half during the third round of the 2015 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. (Getty)

Oklahoma’s TaShawn Thomas drives against Dayton’s Jordan Sibert in the first half during the third round of the 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. (Getty)

In what is arguably the two most unpredictable days in sports, the “madness” in March Madness held up to the hype. In Day 1 it came in the form of upsets – two of them were the No. 14 seed over the No. 3 seed as Georgia State topped Baylor in the West region and UAB knocked off Iowa State in the South bracket – and close games. In fact, NCAA Tournament history was made Thursday, March 19 as five games were decided by just 1 point, which is the most ever in a single day in the tournament.

Day 2 almost made history – but like last year’s NCAA Tournament, No. 11 Dayton was the spoiler. It could’ve been the first time in history that all upper seeds beat the lowers in a single tournament day, but the Flyers said “not this year” as they beat No. Providence in the Friday, March 20 nightcap game.

Day 3 even held a somewhat unexpected upset as No. 8 NC State over No. 1 Villanova.

And today is a new day and the last to determine whose season will extend for another week to compete in the Sweet 16.

Keep up with the latest bracket throughout the tournament as we’ll be updating as the games progress. In the meantime, here’s all the info you need including a printable bracket and full schedule complete with times, TV channels and broadcasters:

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Completed March Madness Games

Oklahoma's Frank Booker reacts in the first half against the Dayton Flyers during the third round of the 2015 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. (Getty)

Oklahoma’s Frank Booker reacts in the first half against the Dayton Flyers during the third round of the 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. (Getty)

Tuesday, March 17 – Wednesday, March 18 – First Four at University of Dayton Arena in Dayton, Ohio

Tuesday, March 17

Game: Manhattan vs. Hampton
Final Score: Hampton 74, Manhattan 64

Game: BYU vs. Ole Miss
Final Score: Ole Miss 94, BYU 90

Wednesday, March 18

Game: Robert Morris vs. North Florida
Final Score: Robert Morris 81, North Florida 77

Game: Boise State vs. Dayton
Final Score: Dayton 56, Boise State 55

Thursday, March 19 – Friday, March 20 – Second Round at various locations

Thursday, March 19

Game: Notre Dame vs. Northeastern
Final Score: Notre Dame 69, Northeaster 65

Game: Iowa State vs. UAB
Final Score: UAB 60, Iowa State 59

Game: Baylor vs. Georgia State
Final Score: Georgia State 57, Baylor 56

Game: Arizona vs. Texas Southern
Final Score: Arizona 93, Texas Southern 72

Game: Butler vs. Texas
Final Score: Butler 56, Texas 48

Game: SMU vs. UCLA
Final Score: UCLA 60, SMU 59

Game: Xavier vs. Ole Miss
Final Score: Xavier 76, Ole Miss 57

Game: VCU vs. Ohio State
Final Score: Ohio State 75, VCU 72

Game: Villanova vs. Lafayette
Final Score: Villanova 93, Lafayette 52

Game: Cincinnati vs. Purdue
Final Score: Cincinnati 66, Purdue 65

Game: North Carolina vs. Harvard
Final Score: North Carolina 67, Harvard 65

Game: Utah vs. Stephen F. Austin
Final Score: Utah 57, Stephen F. Austin 50

Game: N.C. State vs. LSU
Final Score: N.C. State 66, LSU 65

Game: Kentucky vs. Hampton
Final Score: Kentucky 79, Hampton 56

Game: Arkansas vs. Wofford
Final Score: Arkansas 56, Wofford 53

Game: Georgetown vs. Eastern Washington
Final Score: Georgetown 84, Eastern Washington 74

Game: Kansas vs. New Mexico State
Final Score: Kansas 75, New Mexico State 56

Game: Michigan State vs. Georgia
Final Score: Michigan State 70, Georgia 63

Game: Northern Iowa vs. Wyoming
Final Score: Northern Iowa 71, Wyoming 54

Game: West Virginia vs. Buffalo
Final Score: West Virginia 68, Buffalo 62

Game: Wichita State vs. Indiana
Final Score: Wichita State 81, Indiana 76

Game: Virginia vs. Belmont
Final Score: Virginia 79, Belmont 67

Game: Louisville vs. UC Irvine
Final Score: Louisville 57, UC Irvine 55

Game: Maryland vs. Valparaiso
Final Score: Maryland 65, Valparaiso 62

Game: Oregon vs. Oklahoma State
Final Score: Oregon 79, Oklahoma State 73

Game: Duke vs. Robert Morris
Final Score: Duke 85, Robert Morris 56

Game: Iowa vs. Davidson
Final Score: Iowa 83, Davidson 52

Game: Oklahoma vs. Albany
Final Score: Oklahoma 69, Albany 60

Game: Wisconsin vs. Coastal Carolina
Final Score: Wisconsin 86, Coastal Carolina 72

Game: San Diego State vs. St. John’s
Final Score: San Diego State 76, St. John’s 64

Game: Gonzaga vs. North Dakota State
Final Score: Gonzaga 86, North Dakota State 76

Game: Providence vs. Dayton
Final Score: Dayton 66, Providence 53

Saturday, March 21 – Sunday, March 22 – Third Round at various locations
The third round is the called the Round of 32.

Saturday, March 21

Game: UCLA vs. UAB
Final Score: UCLA 92, UAB 75

Game: Kentucky vs. Cincinnati
Final Score: Kentucky 64, Cincinnati 51

Game: Arizona vs. Ohio State
Final Score: Arizona 73, Ohio State 58

Game: Xavier vs. Georgia State
Final Score: Xavier 75, Georgia State 67

Game: Villanova vs. NC State
Final Score: NC State 71, Villanova 68

Game: Georgetown vs. Utah
Final Score: Utah 75, Georgetown 64

Game: North Carolina vs. Arkansas
Final Score: North Carolina 87, Arkansas 78

Game: Notre Dame vs. Butler
Final Score: Notre Dame 67, Butler 64 OT

Sunday, March 22

Game: Virginia vs. Michigan State
Final Score: Michigan State 60, Virginia 54

Game: Duke vs. San Diego State
Final Score: Duke 68, San Diego State 49

Game: Kansas vs. Wichita State
Final Score: Wichita State 78, Kansas 65

Game: Oklahoma vs. Dayton
Final Score: Oklahoma 72, Dayton 66

Game: Gonzaga vs. Iowa
Final Score: Gonzaga 87, Iowa 68

Game: Wisconsin vs. Oregon
Final Score: Wisconsin 72, Oregon 65

Game: Maryland vs. West Virginia
Final Score: West Virginia 69, Maryland 59

Game: Louisville vs. Northern Iowa
Final Score: Louisville 66, Northern Iowa 53

Upcoming March Madness Schedule

Despite a having the higher seed, No. Maryland is a slight underdog vs. No. 5 West Virginia. (Getty)

Despite a having the higher seed, No. Maryland is a slight underdog vs. No. 5 West Virginia. (Getty)

Thursday, March 26 – Friday, March 27 – Sweet 16 at various locations
The second week of March Madness kicks off with the Sweet 16 – or regional semifinals. These are similar to the second round with four games on Thursday and four on Friday.

Saturday, March 28 – Sunday, March 29 – Elite Eight at various locations
And for the eight winners, it’s another quick turnaround. The Elite Eight games put Thursday’s winners back into action and the winners from Friday hit the hardwood again on Sunday. The four teams coming out of the Elite Eight round are considered regional champs.

Saturday, April 4 – Sunday, April 5 – Final Four at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana
The Final Four marks the last week of March Madness. Two games are played on Saturday between the regional champions, which are determined by the overall rankings of the four No. 1 seeds in the original bracket.

Monday, April 6 – National Championship at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana
The journey to the tourney comes to an end. Yes, it’s such a bittersweet night because basketball season comes to a close, but a National Champion is crowned. It all goes down on Monday, just two days after the semifinals. Two teams, one winner, and it all goes down on April 6.