Garrick Sherman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Garrick Sherman


In a bizarre Twitter rant, a former Notre Dame and Michigan State basketball star talked about how he once peed in a condom so a teammate could pass a drug test. The ranter, Garrick Sherman, who now plays in the country of Georgia, admitted that his season had just ended as he began the rant on May 28 (his time), and he was drunk.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Said He Gave His Piss Filled Condom to Durrell Summers

Garrick Sherman Durrell Summers Twitter


Perhaps the most bizarre revelation in Sherman’s rant is that once he gave a piss-filled condom to a team mate during a drugs test. He says that team mate was Durrell Summers. Other remarks from Sherman included a statement that most college players smoke weed and that he got drunk by mistake. Sherman is playing for Georgia’s biggest sports club Dinamo Tblisi. During his first season in Georgia, he was voted Center of the Year.

2. Sherman Really Wants to Have a Fight With CBS College Basketball Analyst Doug Gottlieb

At one point during his rant, Sherman took aim at CBS analyst and former Notre Dame guard, Doug Gottlieb. The former player tweeted in 2013 “Things worst than Garrick Sherman’s beard…go.” To which Sherman replied “Your ability to stay eligible at Notre Dame.” That tweet was later deleted. Back in the day, Gottlieb was expelled from Notre Dame after he was accused of stealing his roommate’s credit card.

3. Sherman Left Michigan State for Notre Dame in 2011



The Detroit Free Press reported in 2011 that Sherman left Michigan State after his sophomore season. He sat out the 2011-12 season due to NCAA rules about transferring. He graduated in 2014 having played an average of 28.6 minutes and scoring 419 points in his senior year, according to ESPN.

4. In His Next Life, He Wants to Be Both a Heroin Addicted Guitar player & an Indy Car Driver

Back to his Twitter ranting for a second, a separate times during his statements, Sherman talked about reincarnation. Despite being a devout Christian, Sherman wants to come back as both an Indy car driver speeding around a track and a heroin addicted guitar player similar to Kurt Cobain. He added that if you don’t know Cobain, he hates you.

5. He’s a Fan of Ron Paul

Ron Paul. Ron Paul Rand Paul, Rand Paul father, Ron Paul campaign


According to his Facebook page, Sherman is a native of Kenton, Ohio. He mentions on his page his love to Libertarian politician Ron Paul. Over on his Instagram page, he’s shown to be in a relationship with 2015 Notre Dame grad named Amarpreet Rai.