Riley Curry, Steph’s Daughter: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The 2-year-old daughter of Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry became a national star after stealing the spotlight during her dad’s post-game press conference Tuesday night.

After the Warriors defeated the Houston Rockets in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, the NBA’s Most Valuable Player was joined by his daughter, Riley, who captured many hearts with her laughter, smile and wave.

Here’s what you need to know about Riley and her family:

1. Steph Said She Wanted to Join Him for the Press Conference

Steph Curry said his daughter was insistent that she join him during the press conference after the Warriors win. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, he said:

I was walking past the family room, my wife and daughter were sitting there in the hallway. I think (Ayesha, his wife) had asked Riley if she wanted to go with me and Riley had told her, ‘Yes.’ I was like, ‘I’ll just go do it real quick.’ (But) Riley gave me the look, like, ‘I’m going with you.’ She wasn’t taking no for an answer at that point.

Steph Curry said his daughter hasn’t let her fame go to her head.

“This morning she was on ‘SportsCenter’ and they were showing all the reactions she had,” he told the Chronicle. “She just walked by the TV like it was nothing. Didn’t even stop and look. I don’t think it fazed her at all. She’s definitely a clown at home, so what you saw there is how she truly is.”

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Steph Curry has an idea of what it’s like for his daughter to be the child of a NBA player. His father, Dell, starred for the Charlotte Hornets and started bringing him to games when he was about her age.

He told the San Francisco Chronicle:

I remember going to All-Star weekend when I was 4. That’s the picture that most people have seen, with me sitting on (his father’s) lap, with Don Nelson in the back, (and) Mitch Richmond. That was the first event I remember.

My dad did a good job of making sure I kept it in perspective. It’s a privilege to be able to walk up to Muggsy Bogues and have him pick you up and fly you around like an airplane around the locker room. Or go talk to Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning and all those guys. I’ll never forget that, and it was always cool to go back and tell my friends about it, too.

2. Some Sportswriters Weren’t Happy About Her Being at the Press Conference


While most people were happy to have a little life added to a post-game press conference, some sportswriters weren’t pleased that Steph brought his daughter into the room with him.

3. Her Parents Met When They Were Teenagers in North Carolina

Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry with wife Ayesha Alexander and daughter Riley. (Instagram/wardell30)

Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry with wife Ayesha Alexander and daughter Riley. (Instagram/wardell30)

Steph Curry met his wife, model and actress Ayesha Alexander, when they were teenagers in North Carolina and their families attended the same church. They got married in 2011. They were engaged in 2009 while Steph was at Davidson College.

4. She Is Going to Have a Little Brother or Sister Soon

Steph and Ayesha Curry announced earlier this year that Ayesha is pregnant with the couple’s second child.

5. Her Grandmother Also Attracted a Lot of Attention During the Game

Sonya Curry Hot photos

Steph Curry’s mother, Sonya, set Twitter on fire when she was shown multiple times during the Warriors game against the Rockets.

Sonya Curry, 48, is a former professional volleyball player and was a teacher at the school he and his siblings attended as a child.

Read more about her at the link below:

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