Ayesha Curry’s Career: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ayesha Curry may have grabbed headlines and inspired Twitter posts thanks to her husband Steph’s postseason run with the Golden State Warriors but the former model and actress is much more than just a face in the crowed.

In fact, Curry is pretty busy in her own right and it has nothing to do with basketball.

Curry runs her own lifestyle website, posts cooking videos on her YouTube channel – with occasional appearances from daughter Riley – and even publishes recipes for everything from breakfast options to homemade body scrub.

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Here’s what you need to know about Curry’s growing internet empire:

1. She Started as a Model & Actress in California

Ayesha and Steph first met when they were in the same youth group at their North Carolina church but didn’t become “official” until years later when the two were both working in California.

At the time, Ayesha, who was actually born in Canada, was working as a model and an actress on the west coast. She had booked a handful of gigs in her time in California and appeared in Underground Street Flippers, Love for Sale and even an episode of Hannah Montana.

2. She Runs a Lifestyle Website Called “Little Lights of Mine”

Curry started her own lifestyle website, Little Lights of Mine, several years ago and describes the venture as “my place to give thanks and share the people, places and things that bring light into my life.”

Little Lights of Mine has expanded over the past few years from a simple blog to a growing mini-empire that crosses all social media platforms. Curry has over 61,000 followers on Twitter and boasts a mind-blowing 521,000 followers on Instagram.

She’s frequently reposting fans attempts to copy her recipes and gives followers an insight into her life with Steph and their daughter Riley as well as their soon-to-be-born second child, which is due next month.

3. Her Website Sells Curry’s Own Brand of Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Custom-Made Aprons

Curry regularly posts her own recipes so it only makes sense that she would start selling some of the same items she uses in her own kitchen as well. Little Lights of Mine sells its own brand of extra virgin olive oil with 10% of all proceeds going to help No Kid Hungry. This isn’t the first time that Curry has worked with charitable organizations. When she and Steph were married in 2011, the pair asked guests to donate to ThanksUSA.org instead of purchasing gifts.

Curry’s olive oil is available through her website and recently just started being stocked in California supermarkets. The site also markets custom made aprons as a partnership with San Francisco’s LUNDY WAY.

4. Curry Frequently Posts Instructional Cooking Videos on her YouTube Page

LITTLE LIGHTS APRON + SIMPLE LEMONADEI am so excited to share this gorgeous apron with you all! I couldn't think of a better way to show it off than to make some simple lemonade with my daughter Riley and the itty bitty baby in my belly! Subscribe to My Channel Here: bit.ly/SubscribeLittleLights *RECIPE BELOW* Pre-Order My Cookbook here: bit.ly/TheSeasonedLifePreOrder The…2015-04-26T19:27:44Z

In addition to her written recipes, Curry often posts instructional cooking videos on her YouTube channel. The videos are a good chance for fans to get an insight into Curry’s cooking habits but, perhaps more importantly, sneak a peek at her home life as well.

Riley has been a frequent visitor to Curry’s videos and, when he’s not sinking three-point shots on the basketball court, Steph has also made a handful of appearances as well. In perhaps his most famous spot, Steph and Ayesha acted out a visual interpretation of his well-known nickname “Chef Curry.”

Chef Curry With The PotHaving a Little Fun in The Curry House! Purchase the Olive Oil Here: bit.ly/LittleLightsStore Subscribe to My Channel Here: bit.ly/SubscribeLittleLights A Portion of the Olive Oil Proceeds Benefit No Kid Hungry Charity – Learn More Here: bit.ly/1HG4e5z Pre-Order My Cookbook here: bit.ly/TheSeasonedLifePreOrder My cousin Devontée produced and co-wrote this for me, you can hear all…2014-12-03T17:56:57Z

5. She Publishes Essays on the Site As Well & Recently Wrote About Riley’s Post-Game Appearances

Curry isn’t shy about voicing her opinions on her website. She even has a breakdown of her own essays posted on the site where she writes about everything from her faith to fitness and family.

A frequent interviewee as well, Curry turned the tables on the media last week when she penned an essay for Time on her two-year-old daughter Riley’s appearance with Steph during two Golden State Warriors post-game press conferences. Riley’s appearances, and her so-called antics at the podium, drew criticism from some media members who said that she detracted from the professional setting and actually made it difficult for reporters to get questions to Steph about his performance in the Western Conference Finals.

Ayesha’s answer? Get over it. She wrote:

Family matters! Our children matter! At the end of the day, when all the lights dim, and the cameras are gone, we are still here as his biggest, loudest, and most supportive cheerleaders. We are also extremely proud that in spite of some criticism, Riley was able to share in that experience with her father and bring joy and laughter into the lives and homes of many all over the world.

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