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The WWE is on the road to Battleground, just over three weeks from now live on the WWE Network.

Here are this week’s latest WWE rumors and spoilers.

Disclaimer: The following rumors are a compilation of WWE related news stories and speculation that circulated around the internet from the previous week. Each rumor should be taken as that, just a rumor, and nothing concrete or factual given the nature of WWE and the industry. All plans are always subject to change based on circumstances.

Could Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger Be On Their Way Out of WWE?

One of the major rumors from this past week was the rumbling that Dolph Ziggler could be quietly preparing his departure from WWE. Ziggler, like superstars MVP and John Morrison before him, seems to be frustrated that he still hasn’t broken through the WWE’s glass ceiling, and feels like his current WWE run has all but run its course. Writer Court Bauer suggests that Ziggler could be heading to Lucha Underground. Many TNA fans would like to see Ziggler end up in TNA — kind of like the 2nd coming of Christian.

Not only is Ziggler contemplating a move out, but The All-American, Real American Jack Swagger is in an identical position. The truth is: since Swagger’s summer feud with Rusev last year, he hasn’t been utilized by the company at all. Zeb Colter (Dutch Mantel) has been taken off of television and Swagger has been used in just filler matches on television.

Swagger was first recruited by fellow Oklahoma native Jim Ross.

Kurt Angle Still Wants 1 More WWE Run

Earlier this year, Kurt Angle looked to find a way back into the WWE, but the WWE were unwilling to negotiate a contract. Angle has made no secret about wanting to go back to WWE and ending his career the way it started.

Angle left WWE for TNA in 2006, and has now spend the MAJORITY of his career there as opposed to WWE (scary, no?).

In a TNA Conference Call on Tuesday, Angle talked about still having more in the tank, and looking for one more run in a WWE ring. Angle fans are also interested in one last WWE run for the former Olympic Gold Medal winner when it’s all said and done.

Could The Shield Reunite 1 Day to Feud With…

…the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar? It could happen. Rollins is naturally going through a babyface progression where he is constantly fighting the Authority — even as a heel.

It was recently reported that WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins may be turning babyface to feud with Triple H this summer. While that is the likely path they will choose, it’s worth noting that WWE officials discussed at one point having The Shield reunite, seeing Rollins turn onTriple H that way. A possible reunion for The Shield is something we’ve followed here on the site lately.

The idea discussed would have seen the group reunite for the summer and into the fall with them turning on Kane and then destroying Triple H. This would have led to Triple H “reinstating” Brock Lesnar to feud with Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose as The Shield.

Lesnar was brought back by Triple H on this week’s RAW and talk of the reunion has died down so you can expect to see more of a Rollins vs. Triple H singles feud coming soon. No word yet on where Lesnar will fit in after his upcoming match with Rollins at Battleground.

While it would be a money feud, the idea of The Shield reuniting quickly doesn’t seem right. Maybe after a few years down the line.

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