WATCH: Fights Break Out at Texans Joint Practices

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Washington and Houston have been holding joint practices in Richmond, VA (IG @HoustonTexans)

The Texans have been in Richmond for the past three days, mixing it up with Jay Gruden’s team from Washington. Things got a little heated on the third day of padded practices, as tempers flared and both benches cleared multiple times. With rain pouring and cameras rolling, Washington and Houston players had to be separated, finishing their joint practice on separate fields.

Here’s a few looks at the action:

Then there was this one:

Fights even broke out while ESPN was checking in:

The coaches blamed the buildup of tensions over three days of practicing on the outbursts. After practice, Washington receiver Pierre Garcon had a different opinion on why things got messy:

The skirmishes should look even better in HD once Hard Knocks gets rolling. Hard Knocks premieres on HBO August 11th. Washington kicks off their preseason the 13th at Cleveland, and Houston opens preseason action at home on the 15th against the 49ers.