Eric Church Is College Gameday Guest Picker

Eric Church brought his A game on ESPN College Gameday as the celebrity guest picker. Each week the show features a celebrity who comes on the set at the end of the show to predict who will win all the big college football games that week.

The show has leaned heavily on country music so far in 2015. Two of the three celebrities have been country music artist as Brad Paisley was on the opening show of the season in Fort Worth, Texas.

It was hard to top College Gameday the last time Ole Miss and Alabama played. Last season, Katy Perry was the celebrity guest picker in Oxford. Things got weird as Perry started throwing corn dogs out to the crowd. You can relive all the memories from a year ago by watching this video:

Eric Church had a lot to live up to but surprised the Gameday crew with his knowledge of the game. Here was some of the reaction on Twitter:

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Overall, Eric Church was well received on Gameday: