Yogi Berra’s Famous ‘Yogiisms’ to Live By

Yogi Berra throws out the first pitch at New York Yankees' home game in 1999. Berra's baseball was so revered that he was voted MVP in 15 consecutive seasons. He stood out as a catcher and could handle the greatest of pitchers. He led All American League catchers in games caught, chances accepted, double plays, and more. In 1958, he played 88 errorless games. (Getty)

Yogi Berra throws out this first pitch in 1999. He was a revered and loved man, not only for his baseball prowess but also for his wonderful way with words. (Getty)

Yogi Berra, the much beloved and incredibly talented baseball Hall of Famer, died at 90. But his spirit will live on in all the quotes and humorous quips that he’s coined over the years. As fans are already saying, it ain’t over till it’s over — and with Yogi, it’s definitely not over because his “yogiisms” live on to lift our spirits and bring us a smile.

Here are some of his famous sayings, as shared by his fans on Twitter:

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