WWE Hell in a Cell 2015: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

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The WWE is ready to bring the horror of October 2015 with its next WWE Network special. On October 25, 2015 at 8 PM Eastern/5 PM Pacific, the Hell in a Cell will return with two matches set inside such a dangerous structure! Brock Lesnar will engage in another war within the HIAC with The Undertaker, while Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt will settle their score within the cell as well. Along with these two standout matches, Seth Rollins will defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Kane. Now we’re ready to give you all the event’s results and highlights you need to know!

Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro and Neville vs. Rusev, Sheamus and King Barrett (6-Man Tag Team Kickoff Match)

Hell in a Cell 2015

Winners: Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro and Neville!

Highlights: During the entrances, Stardust and The Ascension mocked Cesaro’s section by sitting in one of their own. Neville and Sheamus got the match started for their respective teams. Sheamus got in a few strikes early, but Neville quickly countered with some of his own. Both men went back and forth before Neville kicked Sheamus and helped land a tag team move with a tagged-in Cesaro. Cesaro then tagged Neville back in, but Sheamus took him down after throwing him hard into the ring corner. Barrett got tagged in to land a few strikes on Neville, then Rusev entered the match to begin working over Neville for himself.

Sheamus soon entered and kept assaulting Neville with strikes. Neville hopped out of a suplex attempt and tagged in a super hot Ziggler. Ziggler went into his exciting comeback offense on Sheamus and even landed a Fame-Asser out of a Sitdown Powerbomb attempt. As the action got even crazier, Ziggler got caught off guard by an interfering Rusev with a Superkick. Barrett re-entered the bout and began beating down a much weaker Ziggler. Ziggler eventually escaped a submission hold from Barrett, but he taken to the mat again after getting kicked hard in the gut in the ring corner. Barrett, Sheamus and Rusev soon began taking turns laying in strikes on Ziggler in their corner. Rusev stayed in the ring after that severe beating to get to work on his rival. Sheamus got tagged in once Rusev was done and did even more damage to Ziggler.

Ziggler fought his way out of Sheamus’ submission hold and then spiked him with a devastating DDT. Ziggler crawled to his corner for a hot tag, but Rusev cut him and his partners off. Rusev looked to splash Ziggler in the corner, but he missed and slammed his head into the steel ring post. Ziggler finally tagged in Cesaro, who immediately went on a mean streak on Barrett with European Uppercuts. Cesaro pulled out all the stops on the opposite team and got the crowd on its feet. He almost finished Barrett with a top rope body splash, too.

Cesaro looked to go for his Big Swing on Barrett, but Rusev stopped him. Cesaro called in his partner Neville to land a big over-the-top-rope splash on Rusev and Sheamus. Barrett was then put on the receiving end of a Ziggler Superkick, a Cesaro Big Swing and Neville’s Red Arrow. Ziggler, Cesaro and Neville FTW!

John Cena (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio (WWE United States Championship)

Hell in a Cell 2015

Winner: The new United States Champion, Alberto Del Rio!

Highlights: Cena showed some love to the live Staples Center Los Angeles crowd (even though they booed him relentlessly). Out of nowhere came Zeb Coulter, who put down Cena as he stood in the ring. Zeb introduced the man who would challenge Cena for his US Championship…ALBERTO DEL RIO! After the epic wrestler introductions, this shock of a title match got underway. Both men locked up in a tense exchange. Cena shoulder shrugged Rio to the ground to grab the early advantage. Zeb watched as he sat at ringside and saw his man Rio land a swift kick to Cena’s leg. The action got truly hot and heavy as Cena started laying punches and kicks into Rio. Rio quickly got back in the match by arm dragging Cena to the mat. Cena got back to his feet, but Rio landed another kick to Cena’s leg. Rio went to hit a move on Cena as he was strewn over the middle rope, but Cena dodged it and Rio flew out of the ring right onto his back.

Rio returned to the ring and landed a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Cena to gain the advantage. Rio then began working over his title challenger with a double axe handle off the top rope and a submission hold. Cena broke out the sleeper hold and suplexed Rio to the mat. Cena climbed the top rope for a big move, but Rio dropped him with a running Enziguri. Rio kept his assault going, but he then got cut off with Cena’s running clothesline. Both men traded strikes for a bit before Cena won the exchange by dishing out his signature comeback offense. Cena looked to land his AA, but Rio won the match by countering Cena with a Backstabber and a Superkick.

Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt (Hell in a Cell Match)

WWE Hell in a Cell 2015

Winner: Roman Reigns!

Highlights: Both men circled each other for a few moments before Bray ran right at Reigns. Reigns dodged his advance and then punched and kicked Bray in two ring corners. Bray soon fought back with a few punches and even a headbutt of his own. Reigns soon made a quick comeback by landing a running flying clothesline and two side suplexes. Reigns went for a Samoan Suplex, but Bray escaped and looked to land another strike. Reigns punched him right to the outside and then landed his running sliding dropkick. Reigns took advantage of the Hell in Cell’s steel walls by throwing Bray into it numerous times. Reigns walked around the ring for a bit to catch his breath and then went to grab Bray through the ring ropes. Bray eventually brought Reigns to his knees with several Kendo Stick shots.

Bray brought Reigns to his knees and even outside the ring with several more Kendo Stick strikes. Bray shoved Reigns into the cell’s cage walls a few times right after. Bray took out a steel chair, then sat on it as he hit Reigns with more Kendo Stick shots. After taunting Reigns, Bray stuck the Kendo Stick and steel chair into the cell itself. Reigns tried fighting back, but Bray slammed Reigns’ head right through the Kendo Stick. Bray looked like he had the upper hand again, but Reigns got back to his feet and pushed Bray face first into the steel chair stuck in the cell. Reigns slammed Bray’s face in the cell once more and then retrieved two Kendo Sticks. Reigns beat the holy hell out of Bray with double Kendo Stick shots as the crowd went wild. A smile came over Reigns’ face as he pulled out two tables from under the ring. Bray looked to recover inside the ring, but Reigns hurt him once more with his running sliding dropkick. Reigns looked to drop Bray through a table outside the ring, but Bray stopped him and landed his Uranage side slam to Reigns through that same table.

Back inside the ring, Bray continued working over Reigns by dropping all his weight on him with a running Senton. Outside the ring, Bray splashed Reigns hard as he lay weakened near the cell’s walls. Bray beat down Reigns even more as he laid Reigns’ head near the steel ring post for more strikes. Bray recovered a 3rd table and brought it inside the ring. Bray punched Reigns in the corner and then set up the table in front of his prone body. Bray brought Reigns to the top rope for a big move through the table, but Reigns his Superplex attempt with punches to the gut. Reigns headbutted Bray, slid underneath him and Powerbombed him right through the table! Somehow, Bray managed to keep on fighting.

Both warriors looked to be in great distress as they got back to their feet. Reigns was the 1st to regain his momentum as he laid in several clotheslines on Bray in the corner. Reigns hit the ropes for a big move, but Bray almost finished him with a Sister Abigail counter. Reigns fought out of it, rolled up Bray for a pin and dropped Bray with a Superman Punch after he escaped. Both men soon found themselves on the ring apron fighting for supremacy. All of a sudden, Reigns speared Bray right onto a table set up next to the cell’s walls. Reigns dragged Bray back into the ring to pin Bray, but Bray survived a pin attempt once again.

Reigns set up Bray for a final Spear, but Bray kicked Reigns and cleaned his clock with a Sister Abigail. Reigns kicked out even after taking Bray’s finisher. Bray brought Reigns’ two Kendo Sticks back into the ring, hit Reigns one good time and then stuck them inside the corner ring posts. Bray looked to shove Reigns’ face into both sticks, but Reigns woke back up. Reigns got the win after shoving Bray’s face into one of the laid up Kendo Sticks and spearing him for a final time.

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