Melissa Etheridge Sang the National Anthem Before Giants-Dolphins, & Twitter Wasn’t Having Any of It

Melissa Etheridge was chosen to perform the Star-Spangled Banner before the Giants and Dolphins kicked off Monday Night Football, and boy was it interesting. From the musical decisions to the outfit, Etheridge did not disappoint. Over on Twitter, she was shown no mercy for her creative decisions.

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Who made the call on Etheridge? Her biggest album came out in 1993, and tonight was her first ever national anthem performance. Why now? Etheridge has zero connections to Miami. She grew up in Kansas, went to school in Boston, and made her music in Los Angeles.

Most curious of all is that of the 32 NFL teams, the Dolphins are most closely tied to the music industry. Both Marc Anthony and Gloria Estefan are minority owners with team.

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According to Sun Life Stadium, Etheridge is there promoting her latest album. This is M.E., her 14th album. There were, of course, more supportive comments than the one below. But the decision to go with Etheridge was a weird one, and Twitter let the Dolphins know.

Also, it sort of looks like her fly is open.