Who Is the Colts Quarterback vs. the Titans Today?

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Andrew Luck will finish the season missing seven straight games for the Colts. (Getty)

It’s gotten bad for the Colts.

That’s what we said three weeks ago, when Matt Hasselbeck was hurting, and Andrew Luck’s return status was unknown. Now it’s known- he’s not coming back, and the Colts are floundering at the sport’s most important position. Josh Freeman has been announced as the starter for today’s finale against the Titans, but it’s no guarantee he plays the entire game.

Six different quarterbacks were at Colts practice this week, a scene normally reserved for training camp. But with all the injuries, even coach Chuck Pagano hasn’t revealed who will take first-team snaps when the Colts face the Titans.

Of all potential starters, Josh Freeman has the most NFL experience. Formerly the franchise QB of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Freeman didn’t play in the NFL in 2014. But the other guys don’t bring much to the table either:

This Twitter user has a fine solution to Chuck Pagano’s problem. He makes a strong point, and with the Colts playoff hopes standing at a long-shot, at least make the fans happy, right? McAfee was previously the team’s emergency QB, until the role was designated to WR Griff Whalen. Earlier in the season, McAfee made it clear he would be ready to lead the offense if his number was called:

It’s been a bleak year for the Colts, but the future is still bright. Andrew Luck can return 100% healthy next season, and match the over 4700 yards and 40 touchdowns he posted in 2014. Hopefully the Colts can do something to fix the offensive line and the run defense in the draft and free agency, and Luck will return to the postseason in 2016.

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