Is Sean Patyon Leaving the Saints?

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Sean Payton is reportedly ready to part ways with the New Orleans Saints during the offseason. (Getty)

The NFL regular season is over and that means one thing; the rumor mill is in action. The latest rumor to gain traction? Sean Payton is leaving the New Orleans Saints.

Or he’s thinking about it. Maybe. Here’s what we know for sure.

Payton met with Saints general manager Mickey Loomis on Monday, according to the NFL Network, to discuss his future with the team. According to the Network the meeting lasted several hours because there are several different factors regarding Patyon’s status.

First, and most importantly, Payton is still under contract with New Orleans for the next two seasons. That means the team would seek some kind of compensation from whatever squad Payton decides to coach next. Right now, the latest suggested compensation is a second round draft pick.

So, how might this all play out?

First, another team would have to contact the Saints and determine compensation for a Payton trade. Reports actually emerged on Monday that the Indianapolis Colts did just that before they reached an extension with coach Chuck Pagano.

That still leaves plenty of possible suitors.

The top option right now appears to be the San Francisco 49ers. Payton’s daughter goes to school in California and multiple outlets are reporting that fact alone may be enough to draw him West. The New York Giants and maybe, even the Philadelphia Eagles are also squads in the rumor-mix.

So far, Payton and the Saints have been decidedly silent on their future together. In fact, Payton shut down such question during his post-game press conference on Sunday:

We’ve got the players in tomorrow, we’ve gotta evaluate the roster, we’ve got a lot of things we’ve got to do. If I feel the need to get you an itinerary, I will. That’s the answer. That’s the answer. That’s the answer,” he said. “You with me? I can’t be more clear.

Payton is slated to speak tot he local New Orleans media on Wednesday morning.

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