Kim Sears, Andy Murray’s Wife Due to Give Birth

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Andy Murray is in pursuit of his third career Grand Slam tonight in Australia, but he could still forfeit tonight’s match and fly home if he gets word that his wife Kim Sears is going into labor.

Sears is nine months pregnant with the couple’s first child, but isn’t officially due for another two weeks. Still, Murray has promised he’ll fly home to witness the birth of his child, regardless of what stage in the tournament he exits.

“I’d be way more disappointed winning the Australian Open and not being at the birth of the child.” Murray said before the tournament.

The dilemma? A flight from Melbourne to Heathrow Airport would take 23 hours, so Mrs. Murray has to be sure before she makes the call.

Murray has kept his composure over the course of the tournament, with outside stress creeping into his performance throughout. His father-in-law fell down the stairs during his third-round match, and was sent home to the UK after being hospitalized. Murray stated that he also would’ve dropped out of the tournament if his father-in-law’s injuries were serious.

Across the pond Sears is trying to stay relaxed, as she was spotted heading to a Pilates class last weekend.