WATCH: Daniel Bryan Retires on WWE Raw

Daniel Bryan retire, Daniel Bryan retired

Bryan officially announced his retirement from the WWE on Monday. (Getty)

You ready for some serious wrestling-related moments?

Daniel Bryan shocked the WWE-watching world on Monday afternoon when he announced, via Twitter, that he was retiring from the ring. The tweet came after several hours of speculation concerning the rumors that Bryan was actually making his return to the ring on Monday night’s Raw in Seattle.

Instead, Bryan’s final moment in the ring came in a different way and he made sure to savor it. Check it out:

Bryan has been out of wrestling commission since last April, when he suffered a concussion in a six-man tag match in the UK. In the last 22 months, Bryan has only been able to wrestle just under three months. Bryan got one more “YES” out of the crowd before he was officially a retired Superstar:

There have been plenty of rumors in the hours after his retirement announcement pertaining to Bryan’s contract with the WWE. Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer wrote that Bryan “did give notice and was told he did not have the right to give notice.”

Bryan’s contract had been frozen because of injury, however, Wresting Inc. reports that Bryan doesn’t have the right to give noticed, base on other talent contracts. In other words, his contract can be permanently frozen unless Bryan takes the WWE to court.

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