Raemarni Ball aka Rmarni: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Raemarni Ball aka Rmarni, Floyd Mayweather 19 year old girlfriend


Convicted beater of women Floyd Mayweather is now dating a 19-year-old aspiring singer from England. The undefeated and retired Mayweather has been shown in numerous photos on Raemarni Ball’s Instagram page in recent months. The couple met in the UK earlier this year while Mayweather was on his tour of Blighty. The Daily Mirror reports that Ball paid $800 to get into a meet-and-greet with Mayweather is the town of Cannock and it’s been love ever since.

The couple has a 20 year age gap.

Mayweather has repeatedly insisted that his retirement is for real at 49-0, one short of breaking Rocky Marciano’s record.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She’s an Aspiring Singer Who Posted Her First Song to SoundCloud in November 2015

Her mother, Mandy Ball, 50, told the Sun that her daughter wants a music career and a relationship with Mayweather could make that happen.

Ball uploaded her first song to her SoundCloud page back in November 2015.

2. Her Ex-Boyfriend Gave His Blessing to Ball & Mayweather’s Relationship

The Birmingham Mail reports that Mayweather, who is worth close to $650 million, brought Ball to the U.S. on his $45 million private jet.

Since then, they’ve been seen at a Golden State Warriors game in February as well as on vacation in Miami. The Mail also says that she accompanied Mayweather to Amsterdam where he wrapped up his European tour before then jetting off to the U.S.

Her former boyfriend in England, car repair truck driver, Andre Brown, has given his “blessing” to the relationship, reports the Sun. On his Facebook page, Brown posted a photo of Ball and he back in February and wrote, “You have my love and support.”

One of Brown’s friends told the Sun in February that, “He’s cool about the whole situation. She’s having a holiday she could not turn down with her sister and they are still an item.”

The Birmingham Mail reports that Brown works for the British version of Triple A.

3. Her Sister Relissa Ricketts Has Been Chaperoning the New Relationship

Relissa Ricketts Facebook page

Ball’s sister Relissa Ricketts. (Facebook)

In one Instagram post, showing her in the water at the beach in Florida, Ball used the caption, “You could be smiling like me but you want to be salty like this water.”

Featured in various photos is her 21-year-old sister Relissa Ricketts.

The Birmingham Mail reports that Ricketts accompanied her sister and Mayweather to dinner at the “upmarket” Olive Garden restaurant. The Mail adds that Ball initially traveled alone before being joined by her sister in the U.S.

Ricketts’ tagline on Instagram reads, “Don’t get lost in the sauce.”

Her mother told the Sun that her daughter and Mayweather are “just friends.” Mandy Ball said, “she is having a whale of a time.” She was then asked if Mayweather and her daughter were an item to which she replied, “Don’t be daft. She’s only 19 and she’s got a boyfriend.” She added that her daughter was due back in England in mid-March.

4. Prior to Meeting Mayweather She Was Making $9 an Hour in a Clothing Store

Raemarni Ball Rita Ora Instagram

Ball pictured with Rita Ora. (Instagram)

Ball attended community college in her hometown at Dudley College where she was a performing arts student. The Birmingham Mail reports that she has already been accepted into a “prestigious” acting school in London.

Since starting to step out with Mayweather, she’s amassed nearly 70,000 followers on Instagram. Her tagline on the page reads, “It’s a journey with no map here.”

One of her neighbors in the town of Dudley told the Sun about Ball saying, “She’s the sort of girl who wants to be a star I’d say she was a bit of a wannabe WAG…She’d always going out to places where footballers go and that sort of thing. I can imagine she’s quite a diva. She wants a singing career of her own and think she wants to just raise her profile really.”

While another told the tabloid that Ball is a “a very pleasant bubbly girl.”

Ball was working at the Dudley incarnation of the British clothing chain New Look where she earned $9 an hour. The Birmingham Mail reports that she lived in Dudley with her five siblings and mother.

One of her colleagues told the Sun, “Nobody can quite believe how she’s managed to do it. She’s a legend.”

5. Mayweather’s Last Squeeze Was Mexican Masseuse Doralie Medina

Floyd Mayweather Ex Mexican Masseuse

Mayweather’s ex-Doralie Medina. (Instagram)

In 2015, Mayweather was involved in a whirlwind romance with Mexican masseuse Doralie Medina. She goes by the moniker, “Bad Medina” on social media, a nickname she claims was given to her by Mayweather. The Latin Times reports that she was the champ’s masseuse prior to his disappointing showing against Pacquiao in May 2015.