When Is Ronda Rousey’s Next Fight?

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The UFC world continues to wait on news of Ronda Rousey’s next fight. (Getty)

While the MMA world was getting ready for Holly Holm vs. Miesha Tate at UFC 196, many were wondering not about the future bantamweight champ, but the future of the former champ.

While Ronda Rousey’s loss to Holm last November was shocking and vicious in nature, she remains one of the biggest, most popular stars in the world. Dana White confirmed as much, saying that Rousey would “without a doubt” be the highest-paid fighter in the UFC upon her return to the Ocatgon.

So, when exactly will that be?

With Rousey’s immense appeal, UFC 200 has always made the most sense, but it doesn’t appear that will happen, as the July event may conflict with the burgeoning movie star’s filming schedule.

Says White:

The filming of the movie got pushed back. She could do both, but the question is, should she do both? She could do both, but why should she? The filming is in a time frame where she’d finish before 200, but it would be cutting it too close.

The way I look at this one is, Ronda has worked her ass off for us for the last three years. She’s been fighting, promoting and building the sport. If anyone deserves the time off, it’s her.

White has guaranteed that Rousey will return in 2016, laying out November as a potential target.

The next question: Who will she fight?

Holm did make the most sense, then Tate submitted her in spectacular fashion to become the new champion at UFC 196. That could potentially set up a third meeting between Rousey and Tate. Although the former won the first two fights, Tate has improved since then and now the belt is on the other shoulder, making it potentially one of the biggest fights in UFC history.

That said, Holm, the only person to beat Rousey, is still an option. Throw in the rise of Amanda Nunes, who also won on Saturday night, and there are a lot of different options and different variables to the equation.

Ultimately, Rousey is back training and will eventually make her anticipated return to the Octagon, but for now we can only play the guessing game.

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