NHL Playoff Picture April 4: Standings & Latest Projections

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The Anaheim Ducks are back at the top of the Pacific and looking to claim a division title. (Getty)

Things are starting to get fun.

Or a little bit desperate. It kind of depends what side of things you’re on.

Either way, the NHL playoff picture is really starting to take shape and while things are mostly wrapped up in the Western Conference as far as which teams are in, the Eastern Conference isn’t quite as set in stone.

In fact, the Eastern Conference is a bit of a jumbled mess. Teams are moving up and down in the standings, jumping in and out of postseason contention and injuries have us all a little bit worried about a handful of squads heading into the playoffs.

See, we said things were starting to get fun.

Read on for a complete breakdown of the latest NHL playoff outlook, including a look at who is likely facing who once the playoffs start and what squads have been, officially, eliminated.

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