Super Bowl 53 Will Be Played in Atlanta

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The Mercedez-Benz Stadium has been confirmed as the location for Super Bowl 53. (Getty Images)

There have been rumors spreading for some time, and even articles written, about the possibility of Super Bowl LIII (53) heading to Atlanta, to be played in Mercedez-Benz Stadium. Today, it has been confirmed. The stadium, home to the Atlanta Falcons, is where the Super Bowl will be played in February of 2019.

The news first broke as rumor shortly before the official announcement, from Twitter account @NFL_Leaks, a notorious yet reliable source.

Houston has already been confirmed as the host of the upcoming Super Bowl next February. 2018, meanwhile, will be in Minnesota.

Update: Not long after @NFL_Leaks said that the next Super Bowls, LIV and LV, would be played in Miami and Los Angeles, this was also confirmed.