Pat Summitt Cause of Death: How Did She Die?

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Legendary women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt passed away early Tuesday morning at the age of 64.

As her son Tyler explained in a statement, Summitt was battling early onset dementia, ‘Alzheimer’s Type’:

Since 2011, my mother has battled her toughest opponent, early onset dementia, ‘Alzheimer’s Type,’ and she did so with bravely fierce determination just as she did with every opponent she ever faced. Even though it’s incredibly difficult to come to terms that she is no longer with us, we can all find peace in knowing she no longer carries the heavy burden of this disease.

Summitt, the winningest coach in college basketball history who never had a losing season in 38 years with Tennessee, was diagnosed with the disease in 2011. She continued coaching before stepping down following the 2011-12 season.

Shortly after her diagnosis in 2011, she and her son Tyler started The Pat Summitt Foundation to help fight Alzheimer’s. In December 2016, The Pat Summit Alzheimer’s Clinic is scheduled to open at the University of Tennessee Medical Center.




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The news has the same statements over & over. What was cause of death ? Alzheimer’s doesn’t kill you.


Does it really matter? She passed away with Alzheimer’s complications and the family has no
obligation to release that information.


Yes it matters because there us Alzheimer’s in my family.


Alzheimer’s can kill you. In the end you can have irreversible brain damage from the disease. If someone has told you otherwise they either lied or have no knowledge of the disease.


“The disease spreads throughout your brain and eventually it reaches your brain stem,”
Meaning this terminal disease goes beyond just memory loss, it affects your body’s ability to swallow and even breathe.


The news has the same statements over & over. What was cause of death ? Alzheimer’s doesn’t kill you.


Alzheimer’s Disease is progressive neurological disease that causes the organs to eventually fail. Pat Summit was diagnosed early onset Alzheimer’s in 2011, she must have died from a secondary ailment like pneumonia or seizures since sufferers of this awful disease suffer through a lengthy debilitating progression before this disease finally takes over.


Two thirds of Alzheimer’s deaths are pneumonia. That would be what I would guess she died of, but there are several complications like clots if they end up bed ridden that can also cause death. But, majority cause is pneumonia since Alzheimer’s causes trouble swallowing at a certain point.

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