Molly Beers, David Wright’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Molly Beers, David Wright, wife, New York Mets

Beers and Wright have been together since 2006. (Getty)

David Wright has been a star with the New York Mets for a long time, from the first time he stepped on the field for a major league game in 2004. He’s spent his whole career in the same city, with the same team, for over a decade. Even now, as he mulls neck surgery to repair a herniated disc, Wright hopes to make a full recovery and return to the team and city he’s been a part of for so long.

Another long-term part of David Wright’s life is his wife, Molly Beers. They’ve been together for 10 years, a lifetime in the context of an athlete and a model dating. Beers has her own impressive career, and has stuck by Wright’s side through the star-studded ups and injury-plagued downs of his career.

Here’s what you need to know about Beers.

1. She is a Model for the Ford Agency and Has Worked with Their Biggest Clients

Molly Beers, David Wright, wife, New York Mets

Beers and Wright at a 2008 Ford models event. (Getty)

Superstar athletes in New York tend to have a better chance with models than your average Joe, and David Wright is no exception. According to the New York Post, Beers works with the Ford model agency. They also note her “enviable abs.”

Being a successful model, Beers has been able to do commercial work with some impressive clients. Her most notable client she modeled for was clothing store JCPenney.

2. She Met Wright in 2006 During the World Baseball Classic

Molly Beers, David Wright, wife, New York Mets

Wright has participated in 2 of the 3 World Baseball Classics. (Getty)

In 2006, David Wright was 23 and had in just a season and a half established himself as a star. But when it came time for the first World Baseball Classic, he was blocked by Alex Rodriguez, the other third basemen in New York.

Wright still, presumably, attended the Classic either as a spectator or a back-up, because according to the aforementioned Post article, as well as The Ledge, that is where Wright and Beers met. A romance soon blossomed, and 3 years later Wright got to participate in the 2009 Classic.

3. Their Relationship Became Public in 2008 After a Surprise Party

Molly Beers, David Wright, wife, New York Mets

Beers and Wright at a 2013 All-Star party.

It’s hard to keep a famous romance in New York quiet. But that’s exactly what Beers and Wright managed to do for about 2 years. When the New York Post announced Beers’ engagement to Wright, they recalled the first time the couple ever went public with their relationship – 2008, during the All-Star break, when Wright threw Beers a surprise birthday party.

4. She Attended the 2012 Winter Meetings with Wright When He Signed a Massive Contract Extension

Molly Beers, David Wright, wife, New York Mets

Wright signed a large extension in November of 2012. (Getty)

Years after they went public, Beers was still dating Wright, and things had gotten serious. How serious? In 2012, Beers traveled to Nashville with Wright to attend the Winter Meetings, where free agent players are often side.

Wright was not a free agent at the time, but he signed a huge contract there nonetheless to keep himself a New York Met for a long time. The deal was worth $138 million over 8 years. With Beers there, Wright had both of his futures set. The two were engaged not long after the meetings.

5. Beers Married Wright in 2013 After Planning the Entire Wedding

Molly Beers, David Wright, wife, New York Mets

Beers and Wright were wed over the 2013 holidays. (Getty)

Late in 2013, around the holidays, Beers and Wright were wed. The reason for the holidays, according to Wright, was “my routine starts come Jan. 1, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t fall behind that.”

As for the wedding, with Wright spending much of the year on the field, it was up to Beers to do most, if not all of the planning. Wright was so impressed with her wedding planning that he told the Wall Street Journal he would let her pick the honeymoon destination as well: “She did such a good job planning the wedding, she can pick where she wants to go.”

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