Why Is Tim Howard Not Starting for the USA in Copa America?



United States soccer fans hoping to relive memories from the 2014 World Cup might be disappointed. Yes, Tim Howard is on the roster but heading into the tournament he is slated to be the backup to Brad Guzan.

Howard did get the start in the USMNT’s third place match against Colombia.

It is a bit of a role reversal as Guzan has backed up Howard in goal for many years. Both goalkeepers are coming off disappointing seasons in England. Howard recently came back to the States for good after signing with the Colorado Rapids.

Howard took nearly a year off from the national team, and manager Jurgen Klinsmann has said Howard needed to start from scratch in regaining his spot on the team. He explained his reasoning to MLS Soccer:

“Tim Howard finished a huge, huge chapter in his career with Everton Football Club. He’s always going to be a legend for Everton, and he did wonderful things with that club. But he wasn’t with us for a year after the World Cup, and he also lost his starting spot the last half of the year with Everton, so we think that in that moment Brad has a little bit of an edge and deserves it,” Klinsmann told MLS Soccer.

Howard explained to ESPN that he will support Guzan and the two remain close friends.

I’ve always said that if you could build a goalkeeper and you could take this guy’s hands, this keeper’s feet, the brain would be Brad’s. His mental strength and fortitude is better than anyone I’ve ever seen. He has the ability to, even in the midst of chaos, to shrug things off and not in a flippant way. For me, he’s the best goalkeeping mind I’ve ever been around,” Howard told ESPN.

Howard struggled with Everton and Guzan lost his job in Aston Villa. Klinsmann explained he still felt Guzan deserved the nod.

“We believe that Brad deserves it. Brad, throughout the last two years, played very consistently and very solid with us. He had a very tough year with Aston Villa, there’s no doubt it, but he knows that, and for many, many reasons. But it’s also a different environment,” Klinsmann noted through US Soccer.

As the United States experienced success, Guzan was there to support Howard during his incredible run. Howard is returning the favor this summer. It appears as though it could be the changing of the guard in goal, but knowing Howard he has not given up on winning the job back.

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